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Invalid Mod abusing, bang out of order...

Discussion in 'Player/Staff Reports' started by Smokeyyyy_, May 30, 2018.

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  1. Smokeyyyy_

    Smokeyyyy_ Member

    Your IGN : 2000rowe
    Player to be reported : SOLOxASSASSin
    Player being reported Rank : Mod
    Describe your issue in detail : I feel like this is an big issue coming from a mod that is supposed to be helping out and make the players feel welcomed and stay to the server without any bullshit, but therefore this "MOD" which I claim shouldn't be a fucking mod is obviously abusing his powers. I recently posted mules up, he takes them and goes around trying to sell which is invalid as the point he does is runs to fucking Bleachboyz his faction member buddy and gets caught on purpose! More weird to this is the fact he paid me 50k before he got caught! Bearing in mind It was 2 seconds later. Also claims to be so cocky in chat that nothing will happen, he is being fucking bigheaded as a "MOD" I hope you do something about this he does not deserve the position he is in.
    Why do you feel this is worth a report : Does not deserve to be MOD needs demotion and someone to take his place as a Mod not more like a player which solo claims to be. He's a player not a mod.
    Attached Evidence here :

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  2. NovaSeepa

    NovaSeepa Admin Staff Member Admin MVP++

    I would like to point out that the mule job doesn't say that it failed immediately after getting frisked. The mule has to either fail the job by going off duty or wait for the timer to go out.
    From the mule post:
    • If you are jailed while on a mule job, the job will still be active. You can either wait for the 10 minutes to run out, or do /mule duty to automatically fail the job.

    You can see the full post here.

    The more likely scenario is he was frisked and then paid you to make up for losing the drugs, and then failed the job by going off duty in jail.
    I would also like to point out that this is not Mod abuse. Mods are regular players when not assisting with a staff issue. Muling your drugs is not a staff issue, he was acting as a player.
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    SOLOxASSASSin Retired Staff Retired Staff VIP+ MVP+ DrugPass II

    yes that is why i payed you then i had to fail

    SOLOxASSASSin Retired Staff Retired Staff VIP+ MVP+ DrugPass II

    also i could not pay you while in jail so as soon as i got out of jail and payed you then had to fail the job be i was caught
  5. Smokeyyyy_

    Smokeyyyy_ Member

    Nova I get the point you're coming across at but he has done it numberous of times on purpose I know for a fine fact. Also I've asked him to not take the mules which is very ignorant also getting caught by the same guy? Doesn't seem legit to me seems like a mod is communicating with a fac member to earn more out the income.
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  6. Smokeyyyy_

    Smokeyyyy_ Member

    You could always check the logs.
  7. NoodlyApendage

    NoodlyApendage Admin Staff Member Admin 2017 Map Founder MVP+

    I am closing this report as Solo has not done anything to abuse his mod powers and he got frisked during the booster when cops are most active.
    The first time might have been a faction member but the second was not.
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  8. Puppy_Killer

    Puppy_Killer TrialMod Staff Member TrialMod 2017 Map Founder MVP++

    During the booster i have caught solo 5-6 times, and every time i had to try to get him, it was not like he just wanted to get caught, and if i get him 5-6 times then he clearly hasnt been letting his fac members get all the money. There were times other cops had got him, and times he got all the way to sell. He clearly was trying to sell what he could
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  9. BB360

    BB360 Member MVP+

    I also made one of those catches. And I also had to try to catch him.....although I must admit he didn't exactly take the most straightforward path to the MVP+ dealer....he had the advantage, space boots, and overall further ahead of me, but for whatever reason he circled around and got caught when he was trying to avoid me. I don't make any claim that Solo did this just to screw Smokeyy over, but he was far more reckless than a drug mule should be, but alas that doesn't mean he had malicious intent, just that Solo likes teasing cops......or he was trying to get caught, I don't know. All I can say he wasn't exactly trying his hardest to avoid me.
  10. NoodlyApendage

    NoodlyApendage Admin Staff Member Admin 2017 Map Founder MVP+

    Sorry forgot to close the thread
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