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Mule Suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by cape_panda, Sep 30, 2018.

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  1. cape_panda

    cape_panda New Member

    I would like to suggest a few things to be tweaked about muleing.
    • Allow non-duty mules to see the mule job list without having to go on duty first.
    • Allow the mule to re-arrange contents in inventory while on duty (to free up a hand)
    • Announce new mule job listings to all on-duty mules that are not currently working a job
    • Add an option to sell all drugs in current inventory when listing a new job
    • Immediately alert the mule job lister of a failed mule run when the mule is jailed
    • In the mule jobs list, display how much will be earned from a job before they accept (show RV and Prison price)
    • If many mule jobs have been waiting with no mule on-duty, send a server message reminding users there are jobs waiting
    • Remove offline mule jobs until the user comes back online
    • Don't allow mules currently on duty to farm, as they will lose the items when they go off-duty
  2. NovaSeepa

    NovaSeepa Admin Staff Member Admin MVP++

    I think these suggestions overall are good, though I'm not sure how possible some of them would be based on the way the plugin works. That being said I would like to comment on these two points.

    You can do this currently. Many players who put up mule jobs leave a space so the mule can run with an empty hand. To move drugs to the empty space hover over it with your mouse and press 1. It will move the drugs in your first item slot to the empty space. I believe the reason we don't allow players to move the drugs normally is so they cannot just drop the drugs and fail the job, keeping the full amount for themselves.

    I personally would not like this to be implemented because it may become spammy depending on the time of day. When there is a high volume of cops on many players prefer not to mule, for example. Also, I believe some players prefer to keep their mule jobs quiet as they don't want to cause off-duty cops to go on-duty. Some players like to advertise loudly with /advert, others keep it quiet and /msg their mules. I think it's better to let the players have control over announcing their jobs.
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