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Invalid My issue with 14squared

Discussion in 'Player/Staff Reports' started by Shawn Bailey, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Shawn Bailey

    Shawn Bailey New Member

    Your IGN :ballgrease
    Player to be reported : 14squared
    Player being reported Rank : Moderator
    Describe your issue in detail :
    So basically I was chatting with this girl and I told her "Hey. you tryna exchange nudes for roblox gift card codes?". Obviously I was being 100% serious and your helper (BleachBoyz) was so eager to help this poor violated woman and he told me to not talk about nudes. So I was fine with it, but my friend was right. 'Why can people say nigger all the time but I can't ask to exchange a photo of a females body for very expensive roblox cards?". If we're in a server where drugs are advertised and allowed to be sold teaching people to fall into that category of lifestyle, then why the fuck cant I ask for nudes. AND KEEP IN MIND IT WAS JUST A JOKE. I was fine with it though, but your moderator (14Squared) said "Stop being a nigger and do what you're told", now if that was the case what makes his joke so much better and allowed than mine? Legit was just straight up racist to me and everyone thought that shit was funny. but it was just a joke right? I got muted for 5 minutyes for ignoring staff, and then I got muted for 10 more minutes for arguing with staff. If I'm wrong by all means tell me but everything I just told you happened, and I just don't see where this is all my fault. I read the rules to apply for staff, and it was heavy on the word nigger,

    The use of the word “nigger” is not always racism. Used in casual conversation and obviously not meant to be offensive, it is not against the rules. But it can be used offensively, like someone saying “I hate niggers, they smell”. This would be the same punishment as someone saying “I hate blacks/mexicans/any other race, they smell”.
    "Stop being a nigger, do what you're told"

    If this isn't using the word nigger in a racial slur then I'm the fucking pope.

    Why do you feel this is worth a report : Because I got muted for a total of 15 minutes for asking for nudes AS A JOKE and for arguing with a staff member who called me a nigger in the racial way
    Attached Evidence here : I didn't have time to screenshot it, I've been staff before I know you could just go back to the log, I'd say it was between 7-8.
  2. ThaCandyMan

    ThaCandyMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    We take asking for nudes on a childrens game very seriously... Most people don't understand the complications that can arise from even "Just Joking" about that stuff. I'm not defending his action and he will be talked to if the logs show a staff member purposely calling you a racist term but the big issue is the asking of nudes on a minecraft server. That is a huge no no and will not be tolerated here. Thanks for your time.

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