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Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by deathtrap_70, Oct 1, 2017.

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  1. deathtrap_70

    deathtrap_70 New Member MVP+

    Mystic faction information:
    We have a /f home for members.
    We have a discord channel which you will get invited to when you join the faction.
    We also have a party chat which you can join, ask deathtrap_70 for an invite.
    If you need any help ask anyone. We are all willing to help!

    Please fill in the following and we will review it asap

    How old are you?:
    When did you join the server?:
    What are your skills? (How do you single out from other players) Please elaborate them:
    What do you think you could add to this faction?:
    What brings you to our faction?:
    Why should we accept you?:
    How much time do you spend on MC-Drugs per day?:
    Do you have discord+mic?:
    Why should we trust you?:
    Do you know anyone in our faction?:



    Don't be a dick or annoying to anyone except people we really hate :)
    Do not TP anyone into the faction home.
    Replant what you farm at the faction home.
    Don't cause problems with allied factions.
    There are different consequences depending on the problem you caused.

    What do we expect from you?
    we expect you to be loyal, active and always willing to help. We also expect you to have the needed amount of Minecraft knowledge and raiding skills.

    Copy and paste this application below and fill all questions out.

    Good luck!
  2. alric

    alric New Member

    hi my name is alric i am 17 years old i joined the server 3 days ago. well my skills are i rely like to farm and build and scavenge for stuff

    well i can work rely well and i am god to follow order and i am nice

    the things that bring me to your faction is i rely want to join a faction.

    wy you sud axept me well i am a god team mate and i am online in different time zone.

    how much i play it sud be 5 hurs or more from Monday to Friday then then Satur and Sunday i play 24hur

    I have discord and Skype mic is no problem

    wy you sud trust me is becus i am friendly and nice and i hate un fair players.

    my gmail is droxidon@gmail.com

    discord droxidon mapel #2736
  3. sky

    sky Well-Known Member VIP MVP+

    This was made in October and this faction isn’t a thing anymore.
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