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Important Nick names & Past Donations 2018

Discussion in 'Donations' started by jrd3044, May 11, 2018.

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  1. Eleskinex

    Eleskinex New Member MVP

    IGN: Shafail1661
    Nick: Eleskinex

    Donator rank: Vip+ Bought when there was a sell on july 2nd then i got mvp through voter points
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  2. IGN:VMvarga

    IGN:VMvarga New Member MVP+

    Rank: MVP+ bought with points
    Coloured Nickname
  3. xajnax

    xajnax New Member VIP

    IGN: xajnax
    Nick: NA
    commands VIP
  4. ContextualWolf

    ContextualWolf Member VIP

    IGN: ContextualWolf
    Nick: &bWolf
    Rank: VIP bought with points
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
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  5. LonelySadBoi

    LonelySadBoi Member MVP+

    How can I get my colored nick back? I bought it last map :)
  6. ScoutingMallard

    ScoutingMallard New Member MVP

    IGN: ScoutingMallard
    Commands: Idk probably none
    Rank: MVP bought with points
  7. _VhizyHD_

    _VhizyHD_ New Member MVP

    IGN: _VhizyHD_
    Nick:VhizyHD in orange
    Commands: mvp + bought with points 2 maps ago
  8. spideyhayd

    spideyhayd New Member VIP+

    IGN: SpideyHayd
    Nick: &A Spidey

    I bought /nick with points last map, and bought it again with points this map because I didn't know that I could appeal to get it back without having to buy it all over again. :( Hopefully I can get the 800 points back. Thanks!

    Also was told to ask here if you could possibly check which rank I had last map? For some reason I'm almost positive I had gotten a VIP+ upgrade (from VIP to VIP+) with points, but I can't remember and it's really bugging me haha. :)
    Last edited: May 26, 2018
  9. Nathan_1015

    Nathan_1015 New Member VIP

    My old IGN: Clear Nathan
    New: Nathan_1015
    rank vip+
  10. Pointlessjoel456

    Pointlessjoel456 New Member VIP

    Old IGN: Pointlessjoel456
    New IGN: Saniikes
    Nick: NA
    Commands: /fix (VIP)
  11. OverheatedEnder

    OverheatedEnder New Member VIP

    IGN: OverheatedEnder
    Nick: Ender (Purple)

  12. PureMunchin

    PureMunchin New Member MVP+

    ign: PureMunchin
    Nick: Pure (Teal)
    Commands: none
    Rank: MVP+
  13. Lick_My_Nipples

    Lick_My_Nipples New Member VIP+

    IGN: Lick_My_Nipples
    Commands: VIP+
  14. Sahiro

    Sahiro New Member VIP

    IGN- PraiseTheBoooty
    Last edited: May 27, 2018
  15. RawToTheLow

    RawToTheLow New Member MVP+

    IGN : Rawlow_
    Rank : MVP+

    Got the rank through via points.
  16. Armoredmilk79

    Armoredmilk79 New Member VIP+

    IGN : Armoredmilk79
    Nick : MilkyDC (Purple)
    Commands: VIP+

    Thank you for your time
  17. Shnibl

    Shnibl New Member VIP

    IGN: Shnibl
    Rank: VIP
  18. HunterOG

    HunterOG Member VIP+

    Nick: HunterOG in orange
    Commands vip plus
  19. TrapNation

    TrapNation New Member VIP

  20. BB360

    BB360 Member MVP+

    Rank: MVP
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