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Important Nick names & Past Donations 2018

Discussion in 'Donations' started by jrd3044, May 11, 2018.

  1. hazzahazzarhino

    hazzahazzarhino New Member

    IGN: DiamondDeDiamond
    Rank: VIP+ or MVP
  2. gasper200

    gasper200 New Member

    IGN: gasper200
    Nick: 2g (dark green)
    Commands: MVP
  3. merry_muffin

    merry_muffin New Member

    IGN: merry_muffin
    Commands: MVP or VIP+ i dont remember
  4. AnaIBeads

    AnaIBeads New Member VIP+

    IGN: AnaIBeads
    Nick: &6AnaI

    I was vip+ not sure if i need to write it here
  5. Mokkamann98

    Mokkamann98 Helper Helper MVP++

    IGN: Mokkamann98
    Nick: @aMokka
    Rank: MVP+
    • + High + High x 1
  6. bensonnn

    bensonnn New Member

    IGN: PedroThaPanda
    Nick : N/A
    Rank: MVP bought with voting points
  7. zyp

    zyp New Member MVP

    IGN: zyp | previously razmus
    Nick : i had a nick i donated for but it went away for some reason during the name change
    Rank: MVP
  8. Dunhamfan39

    Dunhamfan39 New Member

    Ign: dunhamfan39
    Rank: VIP
  9. MavethAyin

    MavethAyin New Member

    IGN: MavethAyin

    Missing: VIP rank purchased in previous reset of the map.
  10. __MrSandman__

    __MrSandman__ New Member VIP

    IGN: Barmesean
    Previously __MrSandman__

    I used to be VIP or something...
  11. Jake3

    Jake3 New Member

    IGN: Jake3
    Nick: Jake
    Commands: MVP. I did not purchase any extra commands or cosmetics.

    Many thanks,

    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
  12. scull621

    scull621 New Member

    IGN: TheMagicBrolaf
    Nick: N/A
    Commands: My rank and Premium.
    Thank you.
  13. jrd3044

    jrd3044 AsstToTheOwner Staff Member AsstToTheOwner

    You had no donor rank last map.
  14. Zibru

    Zibru New Member

    Hello, I used to be a old player. I went by the alias "bubbleboy2003" I have since gotten a new account,
    anyway the reason i am creating this thread is to ask if there is a way i can transfer my old Vip+ rank on "Bubbleboy2003" to my current account "Zibru", I understand that proof is needed so if you will take a look at this video recorded in May, 2017, and goto the time stamp 4:11 you can clearly see me typing in chat with the VIP+ tag

    I hope I can get this transferre

    Thanks for viewing and helping :)

  15. MavethAyin

    MavethAyin New Member

    Are ranks purchased with points unrecoverable from reset to reset? Also I don't know how many resets ago it was it's been a while.

    Also, previous names are DeadeyePlays and Drakenator314. Not sure if the VIP was linked to either of those names but I'm positive at one point I had VIP, but again, purchased with points so idk.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
  16. Schloty

    Schloty Member MVP+

    IGN: Schloty21

    Missing: I'm nearly positive I was MVP+ donor rank last map, purchased using points in the in game store thing. I also had a light blue nickname (Which I got through my purchase of MVP+) it was &bSchloty. Anyway, possibly going to get back in to the server for a bit and would like MVP+ if I truly did have it. 97% sure ;) thanks!

    An edit: it says it right there beneath my name so...
  17. PieMan2k

    PieMan2k New Member

    GN: PieMan2k
    Missing: VIP+
    Commands: /fix
  18. Ezxhh

    Ezxhh Member MVP

    IGN: Starfein
    Nick: &cStrafein
    Commands: MVP, /fix
  19. Burgers989

    Burgers989 New Member

    IGN:Used to be Burgers989, but now Northernlreland
    Commands: VIP+/MVP not sure which as it was two years ago.
  20. ItsKobe

    ItsKobe New Member

    IGN: ItsKobe
    Commands: Silk Touch spawners / /craft

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