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Pimp Juice Recruitment

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Snipplez, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Snipplez

    Snipplez Member VIP

    Accepted! Do /f f join PimpJuice next online.
  2. Snipplez

    Snipplez Member VIP

    Make sure to fully fill out the application when you make one, I'm going to just ignore applications that aren't completely filled out now.
  3. SteelCarp

    SteelCarp New Member

    Ign: Steelcarp
    Nickname: SteelCarp
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: since 2011
    How long have you been playing Factions?: off and on since then
    Is this your first factions server? No
    Drug/Cop Rank: Chemist
    Donor rank: N/A
    Former factions: LegalizeIt
    Online Time (Type /ot ingame): 100hrs
    Age (required) minimum is 13yr: 19yrs
    Why do you want to join us?: I'm looking for a larger fac than the one i'm in with active players and a good community
    Please name skills you are good at (Redstone, PVP, walls, cannoning etc.): Building mostly. I've been playing since beta so I kind of know everything at least a little bit.
    Anything extra you'd like to add?: I like to eat hot pockets and lift weights.
    How much time can you dedicate to the faction on a weekly basis?: A couple hours everyday
    What is pimp juice? A Nelly song. I think i need to cut her loooose
    Do you have discord?: Yes
    Can you VC? (voice chat): I am in a dorm in college and don't like to annoy my roommate. So very sparsely
  4. Snipplez

    Snipplez Member VIP

    Accepted! Do /f f join PimpJuice next online.
  5. UltraKiIIer69

    UltraKiIIer69 Member

    IGN: Tyrone
    Nickname: none
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: 7months
    How long have you been playin factions: 5months
    Is this your first faction server: yes
    Rank: Producer
    Donor rank: N/A
    Former faction: None
    Ot: 200hours
    Age: 15
    Why do you want to join us: because why not I am Tyrone
    I play this game: 1hr a day
    Anything extra you would like to add: I would like to add nothing but to let me in plz :( >~I hate UltraKiIIer69~< so I re-named Tyrone to this
  6. UltraKiIIer69

    UltraKiIIer69 Member

    Jk delete I am ultra lol don’t actually accept it

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