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Player Report: XxLellianaxX

Discussion in 'Player/Staff Reports' started by ServalTheCat, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. ServalTheCat

    ServalTheCat New Member

    Your IGN : ServalTheCat

    Player to be reported : XxLellianaxX

    Player being reported Rank : I'm not sure. I think her rank is producer?

    Describe your issue in detail :
    She knows my location wherever I am. First, my base was on the ground. So it was for sure found by others, and so does Lelliana. Today, 6/19 at about 2:00pm, my base was attacked by someone, and then also Lelliana and her friend came to my base and attacked (she had once raided there, so she knew where it was). I realized that I cannot hold this base anymore, and I started building a new underground base, but somehow, she found out my location. When I just started making small farm there, I heard the sound of digging, and then she came out, and killed me. What the weird thing is that she didn't use the secret passage which I had made before for an emergency. Even before I got my new base, I used stones, not cobblestones, to cover the passage so no one would follow me. And If she had known the passage and she used it to reach my new base, it is ok, but she came to me from somewhere else. I don't even know the way she used. she just dug stones and came out. I came back to check the passage, and found out there is no trace that she used my passage. If she used that, the stones must be gone, or at least the stones must be cobblestones, if she covered the pass for me..( I don't think she had brought stones.) The new base is bit far away from my old one. I dug randomly underground to reach the new location for base. So, she was not supposed to reach there unless using my passage, or mods.

    Why do you feel this is worth a report :
    That is why I think she uses some mods to find me out from huge, deep underground filled with stones. Or is there some commands that can mark a player and shows us his/her exact location? If so, and it is allowed, I will accept..

    I am Ok to be raided. This is a PVP server and I had expected someone would attack me someday. I know I have to protect myself, and being cleaver to hide. But if someone can see me even I was at underground and raids me. It is very unfair and boring. I cannot even hide my stuffs.

    So I am reporting her here and I want you to find the truth out. If she had not used any mods or glitches, if I was just one fool detected by her, then I am sorry about reporting you here. I just want to make sure about this.

    And Hello everyone. I am new to here. Nice to meet you all ;)
  2. ServalTheCat

    ServalTheCat New Member

    And now all items are gone after I posted this ;( My secret place was completely exploded, and the entrance of the secret path was covered with cobblestones this time, so probably she might read this post and revenged on what I said here..
    I hadn't been back to the place thus it's impossible to follow me. I'd been in a random spot for ores. Because I put stones around the place; there was no passage connecting to the place, it was very difficult to find it out.

    Now I need to start over gathering drugs and diamonds.. ;( but no time to whine! I still have some diamonds and vote keys that will help me so much! Please don't let me get one more enchantment table...I have enough of them

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