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Please let me be cop again

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oll, Sep 23, 2018.

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  1. Oll

    Oll New Member

    Yesterday i got banned for "planting drugs" by ChickenChit.
    Today i log in and i see dakotaa unbanned me (thx). But unfortunately i cant go on /duty anymore.

    I was already lieutenant and i was doing my best do be a good cop, even tough the job is not good paid, i dont care much about money. I want to bring justice and order to the streets of mc-drugs.

    So yesterday there were a few junkies at spawn that kept taunting me. They kept taking meth and other illegal substances infront of me, where i couldn't reach them. They also shoot me with their weapons and showed other forms of disrespect to me. But i was patient and then i finally got one.

    I was very happy and ran to the police station. In order to celebrate i snored a few lines of coke infront of the prisoners. PuppyKiller was also there and i thought he/she maybe also wants to celebrate so i threw some coke at him/her. And then ChickenChit showed up (maybe PuppyKiller told her about the police party we are doing). So i also gave her some drugs. But then suddenly out of nowhere a red message came up, a warning and ChickenChit asked me if i am stupid.

    This made me very upset and i dropped my whole inventory, then received a ban.
    As cop i always receive so much hate from the players and now even staff members.
    I never abused my cop powers to arrest people that did not carry their own drugs or to sell drugs that arent from people that i arrested. I believe its very important that people with power do not abuse them and are always friendly to those who have less power.

    But i understand now that i should not take drugs in front of other prisoners and motivate other people do the same. I am really sorry about this. Please give me a second chance, i will never do this mistake again.

    ign: Ollivankinovi
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  2. Tattersail23

    Tattersail23 Mod Staff Member Moderator

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