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Discussion in 'KitPvP' started by Snipplez, Nov 10, 2018.

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  1. Snipplez

    Snipplez Active Member VIP

    This is one of the largest issues that there currently are with KitPvP on McDrugs. What I am referring to as "potbug" is when you throw out a potion on the /kitpvp server and you get the error message "Hey! Sorry but you can't use that here." Or when you throw out a potion but it simply has no effect/goes back into your inventory. I've seen this happen an incredible amount of times and I'm not the only one that's pvp-ed on the KitPvP server and experienced this bug. I think the cause of this bug isnt with the potions itself but actually something with the ground blocks. When you right click the green clay blocks on the ground, or the green cement powder, you are hit with that error message and a particle effect. I haven't ever run into this bug when throwing pots up directly into the air however, the only way to effectively pot is when you look down and right click quickly. This bug does not occur every time when you try to pot looking at those blocks in my experience but at this point I just jitter click my right mouse button and hope for the best. This messes up KitPvP pretty hard and it's been around for a while with no fix. I'd appreciate it if this issue was addressed.

    Thank you
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