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"pvp logging"

Discussion in 'Rules' started by burningfire333, Sep 16, 2017.

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  1. burningfire333

    burningfire333 New Member

    I was running away from general_chao and I left when the console said "you are out of combat" and he told gotedit after and I was banned for 30 minutes and got my entire inventory taken away and I feel this is unfair because the rule is "no pvp/cop logging" and the console told me I was out of combat but according to gotedit it still counts, his justification for this was that his definition of pvp was different from mine which exposes a problem in unclear rules because the rule can be perceived in different ways unless we set specific rules such as making pvp meaning in combat no meaning whenever your "close to another player" as gotedit puts it
  2. GotEdit

    GotEdit Well-Known Member Contributor II MVP+

    PVP logging is defined as logging out of the server when you are not in combat. That being said, when you PVP log consequences will be made. In this case, and many others, it was the punishment of a 30-minute ban being taken place and your items were given to the player you were fighting. Even when you exit the combat timer, it does not mean that you can PVP log. It simply tells you that you are able to do basic server commands, like /home /spawn. etc.

    You are still technically still in combat when the timer runs out. Even if the server does say that you are out of combat. It does not say you can log off.

    If you want to leave the server in the future without being punished then;

    • Don't log out during combat
    • Get to a safe zone before logging out
    • Teleport to a different world before logging out
    This rule does not only accord to me but it does for the whole staff team.

    Hope this helped :),
  3. burningfire333

    burningfire333 New Member

    this does not help because the issue is that this was not made clear that those were the specifics and I shouldn't be punished just because the rules were unclear and left to guessing what the definition is
  4. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    Combat logging is generally defined as logging out to avoid combat/pvp. This is what you did. The rules are clear enough about this.
  5. General_Eric

    General_Eric New Member

    You mean General_Eric? Lmao
  6. burningfire333

    burningfire333 New Member

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