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Invalid Racism

Discussion in 'Player/Staff Reports' started by woofiebevis, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. woofiebevis

    woofiebevis New Member

    on July 6th, 2018 there were 7 mutes given out in total because people were being racist in chat.
    There was an argument going on about how white people are genetically better than black people (check logs for info).
    I messaged Dakotaa and I asked him if racism is allowed in chat
    he responded with "no obviously not" I asked why it wasn't stated in the rules then.
    His response was "rule 4 rule 6, rule 10 and rule 15"

    Rule 4. Don't be an ass use common sense.
    During the period of this argument, nobody was being an "ass" to anyone or at least from what Wikipedia defines as being an ass. no one was being a jerk or being rude to any other member of the server.

    Rule 6. Treat everyone with respect
    Through the duration of this argument, there was nobody being disrespectful to any member of the server.

    Rule 10. What admins say goes. Do not argue.
    In the whole situation, there were no admins involved only mods and helpers

    Rule 15. No impersonating cops. (5 minute jail time)
    wtf?? Dakotaa saying rule 15 he was obviously trying to list out rules assuming that I didn't know them or that I was too dumb to check them. This either shows poor knowledge of the rules or just the owner trying to prove a point with facts that have no relation to the topic.

    Other important rules 2. Arguments that are 4+ minutes will be dealt with by an admin
    there was no admin involved in the entire situation

    In conclusion, none of these rules were broken, and if they were should there not have been a warning first? Racism in the form that we were using it was not breaking the rules. Also, there is constant racism in the chat. whether it's calling someone a nigger for no reason or just trashing a certain race with no context or reason. this usually goes unpunished as there is no ill intent or harm to anyone on the server. This instance is no different. By the rules, racism is allowed in certain contexts so then why were we muted for being racist? This whole incident shows that the staff is generally uneducated and not able to make decisions based on the server rules. Mentioning again that the same kind of racism goes on constantly without punishment. The mutes were given due to the personal motives of the mods/helpers not due to breaking any of these rules. I was unable to get screenshots of the whole argument and the messages from Dakotaa, but these can easily be attained by viewing the logs based on the time of the mutes. I trust that whoever deals with this issue will deal with it correctly
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  2. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    Report invalid. Please use the correct report template when making a report.

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