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Road Rage!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CrpyCrftr, Mar 13, 2019.

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  1. CrpyCrftr

    CrpyCrftr Helper Helper

    It pains me to see that someone has critically defaced the main hub of The Road. While the damage is extensive and resource chests as well as the Rules of The Road/Message Board have been lost, it is still an easy fix. I will repair the main hub and I would like assistance from anyone else who would like to contribute cobblestone or a few chests.

    Some information to know about the Main Hub:
    • It sits upon a long deserted base, the base's resources have been repurposed to construct the main hub as well as make repairs to The Road
    • This is a before picture of the base (not all of it is loaded bc this was before I ran around and loaded more of the chunks) : before1.PNG before2.PNG
    • After much excavating and removal of cobble, the base was looking more like a station and things were going well : after2.PNG this shows how much the base was looking more like a station (taken today, after I saw the attack)(you can also see a tower in the background, that has always been there, it's abandoned and just parts of a stairway go to the top)
    • The following image is what I saw when I joined the server today: after1.PNG
    • The Main Hub is meant to be a place for people to meet up, get food and supplies, and continue along the road. There were no valuables here besides signs, cobble, dirt, and some leftover redstone
    I would like to state again that The Road is peaceful land. Every hub/station or rest stop is for people to just relax and not worry about getting blown away or attacked. The Road is used as a cool community thing for people to work on and partake in.

    As for the person who blew up the main station..... Don't do it again please. This is a low blow and no one profits from destroying these areas. It makes you look like a scumbag for fucking up something that doesn't have anything to do with you. If you have an issue with anyone who is working on the road, please contact them and express your concerns or salt instead of taking it out on a community project.

    Moving Forward:
    Construction on The Road will continue. We will continue to place rails along the length of the road to provide quick transit along it's path. We will also continue to work on rest stops and hubs, claiming that land if need be. Note: the rules of the road say not to claim on The Road, so please don't /f claim a chunk that the road is on unless your faction intends on maintaining that section of the road.

    Thanks for reading and don't forget to Make the Road Great Again! All donations of supplies or money to me or other people working on The Road goes directly into buying materials or using materials on The Road or any stops along the route!

    Current Supporters:
    QuinnDaeli, JALJC, CrpyCrftr, CvxZo, and others! Get your name on this list by supporting The Road or by building on it!

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    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
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  2. CvxZo

    CvxZo Member VIP

    I I love you all but let’s keep this going. Don’t ruin it <3
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  3. lord latenix

    lord latenix Well-Known Member MVP

    I built this thing at the start of the map and single handedly made the first 8250 blocks and aren't labeled as a supporter scammed
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