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Special Item Shop!

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell' started by Illuminati_Haxz, Aug 2, 2017.

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  1. Illuminati_Haxz

    Illuminati_Haxz Active Member VIP+

    I'm selling a few items I don't need and I feel that other players need them more than I do! Just message me in game, here on the forums, or mail me (/mail Illuminati_Haxz). We can talk about prices. Items will be added if I get more items!

    • (6x) Unbreakable Swords
    • (1x) Mob Overkiller
    • (1x) Psychotic Helmet
    • (1x) Mining Helmet
    • (1x) Tank Chestplate
    • (1x) Drunk Pants
    • (1x) Flippers
    • (3x) Firework Cannons
    • (1x) Ice Cube
    • (1x) Flaming Bonfire Stick
    • (1x) Sun Hat
    • (2x) Sun Swords
    • Added (1x) Firework Cannon
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2017
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