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SquiddyCat's Improved Texture Pack

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SquiddyCat, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. SquiddyCat

    SquiddyCat Member


    I compiled together a lot of textures which I found useful in this server. This pack is specifically designed for better quality of life on MC-Drugs. It includes features for both cops and criminals alike. I will list out some key features of this pack that you might find useful.

    Also PLEASE let me know any changes you want me to make to the pack down in the reply section. (ie. new textures, features from other packs etc.) Helps to make the pack better for everyone.

    Some textures from the famous pack "Faithful" has been recreated. Faithful makes the textures of Minecraft simpler and thus allows for a smoother gameplay experience. It also makes everything look nice and unified.


    Drug Textures (Taken from MC-Drug texture pack)
    Whats the fun of playing on Mc-Drugs without their official texture-pack? All features of Mc-Drugs texture-pack have also been included in this pack. All drugs and guns have their own textures which makes farming not about farming instead more focused on growing the drugs themselves.


    Better Particles
    I've seen many cops turn a blind eye to invisible players, so I have put in a particle pack that enlarges the particles of invisible players, thus allowing cops to be able to see the invisible players with higher amounts of accuracy. These particles look like clumps of rocks. This is the best i could do.


    Pvp Improvements
    Fire is something that is extremely annoying. It covers up most of your screen and it is extremely annoying to deal with during pvp. Therefore, I have included textures that will make the fire only appear up till the height of your hot bar allowing you to still be able to see the fight that is going on.


    I have also included shorter weapons. During pvp, you want to be able to see most of the screen, so I have lowered the size of weapons for you to be able to see the screen better.


    Items such as golden apples and fishing rods also have their own textures, optimising them for pvp.

    Code Crafted

    For all of those redstone geeks out there. I have included key components of a texture pack called Code Crafted. This pack makes redstone components look crisp and just better to look at in general.


    If you want to download the texture pack, use the media fire link provided below

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/9kzwnl5mznva7px/Squiddy Pack for MC-Drugs copy.zip

    Thanks for reading this :)
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  2. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    If you want people to use this pack I'd recommend removing the faithful textures. It doesn't look like there's higher resolution textures for every block, and some people might just want vanilla. If they want the higher resolution textures of faithful, they can run the faithful pack under your pack.
  3. NeliDearest

    NeliDearest Mod Moderator Contributor II MVP++

    This pack looks really nice, good job!
  4. SquiddyCat

    SquiddyCat Member

    I'll add another version of the pack with faithful removed. So that people have the option to choose. :)
  5. Heptic

    Heptic New Member

    Nice pack, time to catch kids at prison
  6. Puppy_Killer

    Puppy_Killer TrialMod Staff Member TrialMod 2017 Map Founder MVP++

    The blue more pixilated farming textures from the MCD pack mixed with the smooth faithful pack does not mix well. Shorter swords might be better for pvp, but not everyone wants that in pvp, nor does everyone partake in pvp. On the other hand, the particles look too high detailed, making the contrast between the basic pixels of some stuff, smooth faithful textures, and oddly high detailed particles even more of an unsightly mix of packs. Altho I like the concept, the mix of stuff smashed together to make this does not represent the well-crafted form that other packs could have taken. I absolutely love the effort that this must have taken, but the spots where you lacked the effort to find textures that would fit together and not contrast poorly makes it look like no effort was put in at all. I hope to see more texture packs like this in the future

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