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Staff Tag Suggestion

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Xeoum, Jul 8, 2018.


Is this a good suggestion?

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  1. Xeoum

    Xeoum Well-Known Member MVP

    Recently I came up with an idea. As a helper I of course have the [H] tag, I think that Mods and TrialMods should have the option to present their staff tags in different ways. Here are some examples.

    [M] [Smuggler] [Bae] Bein:
    [Mod] [Smuggler] Bein:


    [TM] [Junky] [Chef] Infamous:
    [TrialMod] [Junky] Infamous:


    I'm not sure of the order the tags would end up in, but it would be along the lines of those.

    Theses tags would work like the tags from crates, and the donator tags do.

    At this time, a player can use their tags and donor prefixes to have an name such as:

    [VIP] [VIP] Xeo:


    If we made the Mod and TrialMod tags a "donator prefix" or part of tags, that would enable Mods and TrialMods to show off their rank ingame, and not appear as staff in chat when they're 'off duty' or testing rule breakers.

    I do understand that the simple Mod or TrialMod tags by themselves may be the most professional, but mods like Bein don't care.

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  2. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner


    In reality, I do not want to add this.
    There should be no ambiguity as to whether a player is a member of the staff team or not, which I believe this would create.
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  3. Xeoum

    Xeoum Well-Known Member MVP

    Understandable. Thanks for (finally) replying to one of my suggestions.
  4. IanPFink

    IanPFink Active Member MVP+

    i approve of this post
  5. Tzunami_

    Tzunami_ Member

    +1. As a new player I was frequently confused who was staff/helper when I had a question.
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