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Taliban Recruitment Form

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Civilly, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Civilly

    Civilly New Member

    We have changed up our Application, You can now apply for our Faction through our Discord discord.gg/fq95aM

    *NOTE we are no longer looking over application through the forums so if you apply here it will NOT! be reviewed or accepted!!
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  2. 36s

    36s New Member

  3. Civilly

    Civilly New Member

    Please keep the Replies to FACTION APPLICATIONS ONLY!!! thankyou
  4. KingJT

    KingJT New Member

    Taliban recruitment:
    IGN: AsusG74sx
    AGE: 20
    OT: 21h 25m
    In game Rank: AsusG74sx
    Discord: KingzGraphics#4401
    Time Zone: Central
    How active are you?: i can be very active whenever i get off from work, but i aslso have a wife and a kid.
    What is your skill? Are you good at building, raiding, Redstone, etc: Building, Making Farms, and Mining.
    PVP 0-10: 5
    Redstone 0-10: 5
    Reason for joining?: Just Looking for a faction honeslty makes the game alot more fun, i used to be with Pimpjuice and some other fac.
    Previous experience: Plenty of experience on drug servers.
    Other Comments?
  5. Civilly

    Civilly New Member

  6. Aleks

    Aleks New Member

    IGN: aco113
    AGE: 15
    OT: ?
    In game Rank: None
    Discord: Aleks_k123 #6823
    Time Zone: Mountain Standard
    How active are you?: Daily, on week days past 4pm, almost anytime on weekends
    What is your skill? Are you good at building, raiding, Redstone, etc: Building, raiding, farming
    PVP 0-10: 7-8
    Redstone 0-10: 4-5
    Reason for joining?: Don't have much friends to start a faction with/ seems fun
    Previous experience: First time on the server
    Other Comments?
  7. ethan hub

    ethan hub New Member

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  8. Mac_Milller

    Mac_Milller Helper Helper Contributor

    Taliban recruitment:
    IGN: spalwkotaa
    AGE:around 7 and 3/4
    OT:44566.342 minutes
    In game Rank: junkee
    Discord:what about it?
    Time Zone:well i mean its 6:40 where i am so idk
    How active are you?: im active in bed *womp womp*
    What is your skill? Are you good at building, raiding, Redstone, etc: im good at swearing at people i know words like crap and weiner
    PVP 0-10: h
    Redstone 0-10:im better at bluestone
    Reason for joining?:well im to old to be in conquest and smash doesnt accept foreigners so i figured i would give you girls a shot
    Previous experience: I was a freedom fighter for isis
    Other Comments? do you remeber the Verhaulst equation by chance? I have a chemistry test tommorow and im not trynna fail that shit so hmu
  9. Civilly

    Civilly New Member

    DENIED *work on your grammar
  10. Civilly

    Civilly New Member

    Taliban recruitment:
    OT: ??
    In game Rank: chemist
    Discord: gungad#6007
    Time Zone: est
    How active are you?: on every day
    What is your skill? Are you good at building, raiding, Redstone, etc:
    PVP 0-10: 8
    Redstone 0-10: 4-5
    Reason for joining?: no faction and I helped 36s out giving your faction a raid
    Previous experience: used to play on this server when I was 14-17 then took a break
    Other Comments?

    RE-APPLY, Add more detail and just copy paste the questions try not to add my full post to your Application :)
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
  11. Civilly

    Civilly New Member


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