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The Cop Communications Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Tim, May 17, 2017.

  1. Tim

    Tim Member 2017 Map Founder MVP+

    • This guide is for cops to take advantage of so they can get the best drug catching experience possible.
    • It is recommended that new cops learn the layout of spawn well enough before getting straight into catching drug sellers.
    When you go on /duty, you have a batton, for catching sellers, a tazer, which with tazer ammo can be shot at drug sellers to slow them down and give them a glow, and an eye of ender that is a police radio.
    The police radio is the greatest tool that a cop is given, with it, cops can communicate locations and perform together better than they ever possibly could alone. To use the police radio, simply hold it and whatever you type will only be seen by fellow on-duty officers.

    Directions- Left and Right is from the perspective of a non-cop player facing the prison in the non-cop spawn

    Here is a communication system I have made for cops to excel together using the police radio.
    Learn the terms to work as best as possible with other cops
    To use it, simply say the words in bold
    1. Basic, or B- a seller is taking the basic redstone trail to the drug houses
    2. Park, or P - a seller is going through the park - and usually to the right in the middle of the park - to the drug houses
    3. Left, or L - a seller is going the left exit from their perspective from the main spawn, or they are on that side of spawn
    4. Right, or R - a seller is going to the right exit from their perspective, or they are on that side of spawn
    5. Prison, or Pris - a seller is headed to the prison to sell
    6. Mvpplus, or + - a seller is headed to the Mvp+ drug house
    7. UG, UGL, UGR - a seller is underground in the sewers headed to the drug house (Tip: Close the trap doors if you ever see them open, and if you see a seller run down in a sewer, don't immediately follow them down, instead, follow them from above ground, and crouch when they are close to heading back up)
    8. Invis, or I - there is an invisible player selling, so be on alert
    9. Long Way - a seller is going left from spawn and around the park - so /spawn and go straight out from the police station
    10. Duty Calls - can be messaged to off duty players to tell them there is a lot of players selling, and to get on duty
    11. Speed - a seller is using some speed advantage (speed boots, potion) to get to the drug house
    This Guide cannot be complete without other cop's input, so please comment what you think so we can work together as best as we can
  2. Jaagony

    Jaagony Member MVP

    This is a really cool idea and well made, only issue would be getting every cop to learn it, which may be more difficult now that any player can enlist.
  3. Tim

    Tim Member 2017 Map Founder MVP+

    True, but there should be a positive correlation between cops that stay and cops that read this forum, meaning cops that are any good, will read this
  4. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    This a quality, informative post. I will put a link to it in the cop station to improve the number of cops who see it.
  5. wolfsoilder

    wolfsoilder New Member

    im a drug dealer , and this is really good,

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