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The Current State of Police in MCD

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Celestaria, Aug 6, 2017.


Do you think that Police could do with a change?

Poll closed Aug 20, 2017.
  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Police suck, down with them all :)

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  1. Celestaria

    Celestaria Active Member MVP

    So let me begin by saying that this post is NOT aimed at the general criminal playerbase of MCD. If you are one of those "Cops suck, Ban them all people" and are not willing to have an open mind, please don't waste your time in reading this. :)

    My apologies in advance for the wall of text, I wanted to include all the points and information in the one post.


    Police...yes we all hate them, but they are normally a major part of most drug servers. Without them it takes away the challenge of growing/selling drugs and essentially turns a server into a MC version of Farmville.

    Sadly since I have joined the server I have noticed that the current state of the Police Force is on the decline. The current amount of Police is slowly diminishing and I will outline this more in the following paragraphs.

    Yes many players join the Police Force daily, always good to have new recruits but the thing is, how many of them actually stay? I have noticed that probably 80% of players joining the Police Force either get demoted or resign in the first week.​

    The amount of players that actually stick with the Police Force for a decent amount of time and take it even half seriously is extremely low, I can think of maybe 10 current players at the most. Even looking at /topcops in-game one will notice that a vast majority of the names in the first 5 pages are no longer in the Police Force.​


    Why is this???

    Most new players joining the Police realise it in the first week and the ones that do try and stick with the Police Force eventually give up and realise it too.

    They realise that to join the Police Force in MCD pretty much throws away any chance of being able to compete with other players in other aspects of the server like Bases/Factions/Raiding/PvP due to the lack of funds.

    In no way do I believe that Police should be able to compete with Criminals in the terms of money making(as nice as that would be). However I do believe that joining the Police should be somewhat viable as they are a major part of MCD.


    The Monetary side of things:

    Speaking from the place of the majority of players who join the Police Force, the money is extremely low as they mostly stand around in one spot and don't pay attention for invisible players etc.

    This is even worse for people that play mainly in timezones at or around AEST like me due to the fact there are so little people playing the server at that time that you can very normally go a full hour without seeing anyone to arrest.

    In this situation the only other option for Police is to go mine, which I can tell you is barely worth the time.
    I decided to test how much the mines really made for low ranked police, using a regular Efficiency 5 Pickaxe with no pots I went to Recruit Mine and mined until I got a full inventory of sellable blocks (No cobble)

    It took me an average of 35 minutes of tediously holding down the left mouse button and walking through the mine all to make a small average amount of $52000.
    If people wanted to mine for long periods of time for little profit they would have gone and joined a prison server :p

    Really the only reasons I have achieved such a high rank is due to a decent amount of playtime, Maxed T6 Horse and paying increased attention to try and see invisible people (Crims call them hacks). Even then I have made 3/4 of my money during drug boosters and selling/trading shops with my sister and faction buddies.



    If you have made it this far and hopefully agree with some of the points I have made, I have a few suggestions on how to make joining the Police Force somewhat viable and fun again.

    1. 1. A flat increase in the selling prices for blocks from the Police mines.

    This would give Police another way to make money when the server is really quiet, and they actually have to put more work in to achieve it as opposed to standing in a doorway.​

    2. Change it so the Mining McMMO skills and effects apply whilst "Mining" in the mines.

    Currently the Mining skill is useless in the mines aside from the extended Super Breaker length. Changing it so your mining skill effects the double drops of blocks in the mines would also benefit Police like the above suggestion.​

    3. Adding some kind of daily wage/payment.

    Yes I said it, What police getting payed for sitting around and doing nothing?!? Could always make it so you only get payed if you are online for a certain period of time or only if you arrest a certain amount of people in a day.​

    4. If anyone has any other suggestions feel free to share.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this if you did and hopefully you agree with some of my view points :)
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  2. JamesLancaster

    JamesLancaster New Member

    I agree with this, i have been police 3 times now and it is quite a very slow process in order to rankup and earn money in the process. Maybe an increase in the drug selling price for police so that it is high enough to warrant standing around in spawn for long periods of time to maybe catch one or two people.
  3. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    We have had police on MCDrugs for over 4 years, on and off, and this has always been a problem. Police have always been like this, there are many who become cop just to try it out, and only a few who are really good at it and stay. The number of police raised this map as we removed the requirement to apply for cop on the forums (like applying for helper, new cops were accepted every Saturday), and we still have the same problem. It's about quantity over quality; there's usually 2-4 cops on at any time, which is a good amount, even if they are constantly swapping from/to cop. We've tried many things to make cop more interesting, but we've found nothing that worked that didn't take the cop away from being on duty.

    The mines really weren't intended as a way to make solid income; they're something for new players, or people who enjoy the mindless repetitive actions of prison servers, to make some easy small cash. We have no intention of raising the mine prices.

    This is a good suggestion, and I looked into it. There is no way to add different blocks to the mcMMO double drops, we can only turn off double drops on ores.

    There already is something like this, police get a commission for every drug they capture. This way, they're being paid for actually doing their job instead of sitting around. Also, the top cop of the month gets some money.
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  4. Celestaria

    Celestaria Active Member MVP

    Alrighty it was worth a try, I agree that too many Police would make things a hassle, I just hope that some of the more dedicated ones do stay around. Who knows maybe one day in the future a new idea might arise.
  5. mamabi

    mamabi Well-Known Member MVP+

    I have noticed that cops have the same crates at their spawn, maybe a special cop crate can be add. With special things only suitable for cops.
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  6. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    That's an interesting suggestion, however the main problem is the amount of work that goes into a crate. They can be incredibly time consuming to create, and for such a small amount of players it may not be worth our time.
  7. mamabi

    mamabi Well-Known Member MVP+

    And what about police farms instead of mines ? That way cops can farm and gather herbalism aswell which will give them an extra redeem option for the credits they get from crates and voting. And for players who have a high herbalism, it can be more attractive to become cop.
  8. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    Because cops aren't allowed to farm and therefore shouldn't need herbalism, they also can not plant any type of crop, only break them.
  9. mamabi

    mamabi Well-Known Member MVP+

    I mean a server farm for cops
  10. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    Yeah, they can't place crops though, so there would be no point in it.
  11. Oliiiiiiii

    Oliiiiiiii Well-Known Member Contributor MVP+

    Cops farming kind of ruins the aspect of being a cop.

    Cops made to catch criminals farming and selling drugs seems out of place.
  12. AlphaOmega

    AlphaOmega New Member

    What about a point system for catching criminal. Ur name would appear like this in chat:

    Faction.rank.(e.g. amazing cop) .name

    ±1-25crim= newbie
    ±26-40rims=ok cop
    ±41-75crims= good cop
    ±76-125crims= awesome cop
    ±126-250crims= crazy cop
    251+= you get a donut
    So the police get rewarded more
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2017
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  13. chinkson

    chinkson Active Member VIP+

    Aren't cops able to sell at prison? I would think sitting behind Estabon, whenever a player comes quickly frisk them, as this would completely defeat me. Also, it will take players a minute to hit the sell button. I'm sure you could pull in quite the bit of cash, considering OhChit makes a few mil every day. How about this- I will try being a cop for a day. I will use the strategies I believe could work, and then I will come back saying whether being a cop works or not.
  14. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    Police can not sell at prison.
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  15. chinkson

    chinkson Active Member VIP+

    if you don't mind me asking, how? does it not open anything when they click on estabon? or do those pressure plates do somethin?
  16. Ziexd

    Ziexd Well-Known Member 2017 Map Founder Contributor II MVP+ DrugPass I

    He means, they are not allowed to sell to prison.

    Unless, they are actually unable to sell. I'm not a cop so I don't really know how it works.
  17. chinkson

    chinkson Active Member VIP+

    ohhhh, ok
  18. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    They are not able to enter the room that the NPC is in.
  19. Illuminati_Haxz

    Illuminati_Haxz Helper Helper VIP+

    I've been a cop since I joined the server and I love being a cop. I have noticed a decline in cops which bums me out. I do enjoy your suggestions and these are my thoughts on them!

    1. I haven't mined in the mines since I joined the server, but for beginners and cops who don't have stable money incomes. I enjoy this idea!
    2. I don't think McMMO needs to be changed just for the mines.
    3. A daily payment would be nice. Maybe for each cop rank, a algorithm could be made for each rank + maybe how many arrests in that day? That would be a great idea, and would be a good income for some people!
    I enjoy your ideas and would like if they would implemented! :)
  20. chinkson

    chinkson Active Member VIP+

    What if maybe something like a perks shop were to happen for cops? For every arrest a cop gets, they earn one point. Then, they can type /copshop, and choose from a variety of upgrades.

    These could include, but not limited to,

    -Farther Reach with Frisking Stick
    Can extend up to 5 levels with whole blocks, then all levels after that extend it by 1/8th of a block.
    1st level = 50 cop points
    2nd level = 75 cop points
    3rd level = 100 cop points
    4th level = 150 cop points
    5th level = 500 cop points
    6th+ level = 50 cop points
    875 cop points till max level

    -Random drug duplication
    When frisking someone with drugs, a small percentage of the drugs will multiply. There would only be 5 levels.
    1st level = 1% of drugs will multiply = 50 cop points
    2nd level = 5% of drugs will multiply = 100 cop points
    3rd level = 10% of drugs will multiply = 250 cop points
    4th level = 25% of drugs will multiply = 500 cop points
    5th level = 50% of drugs will multiply = 1000 cop points
    1, 900 total cop points till max level

    -Cop Points per Arrest
    This upgrades increases the amount of cop points you earn per arrest. There would only be 3 levels.
    1st level = 2 points p/a(per arrest) = 50 cop points
    2nd level = 5 points p/a = 250 cop points
    3rd level = 10 points p/a = 500 cop points
    800 total cop points till max level

    -Invisibility Tracker
    This upgrades the ability to easily find, see, and trace invisible players. There would only be 10 levels.
    1st level = provides twice the particles that normally come off of invisible players = 50 cop points
    2nd level = provides five times the particles that normally come off of invisible players = 100 cop points
    3rd level = provides twice the footstep particles a player gives off = 100 cop points
    4th level = provides five times the footstep particles a player gives off = 200 cop points
    5th level = puts a small target on the ground under an invisible player, about 1/8 the size of a block = 200 cop points
    6th level = puts a large target on the ground under an invisible player, about 1/2 the size of a block = 300 cop points
    7th level = shows a very thin and almost transparent line around the player, about 1/16 the size of a block thick = 300 cop points
    8th level = shows a moderately thick and half transparent line around the player, about 1/12 the size of a block thick = 400 cop points
    9th level = shows a thick and opaque line around the player, about 1/8 the size of a block thick = 400 cop points
    10th level = turns an invisible player slightly opaque, but still almost completely transparent = 500 cop points
    2, 550 total cop points till max level

    Of course some other items could be added to help out
    -Cop point boosters
    Works like drug price boosters and mcmmo boosters.
    Could be 1.2x, 1.4x, 1.8x, 2.0x, 2.4x, 2.8x, 3.0x boost.
    For every arrest, they would get that marked up amount of police points.

    This cop point booster could also be added to a cop crate.

    I could come up with some other ideas for this too, but it will take some thinking time.

    I hope my suggestions help promote the police force!
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