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The day the Rats fought back

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lukey13, Mar 10, 2019.

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  1. Lukey13

    Lukey13 Helper Helper

    It was a standard Sunday for the players of MC-Drugs, who like to either wake up fresh in the morning or stay up late in order to catch some unrestricted Drug selling, the spawn was dark and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, all was well throughout the community... or was it.

    Little did we know but an Army infestation of Rats were compiling a scheme to overthrow the corrupted players of MC-Drugs. They had grown discontent of our greed in the search for Boss Souls and a rebellion was formed.

    At approximately 12:10 GMT the long-awaited opening of the Pit had started and the rebellion had commenced. Rats flooded out of every nook, cranny, and hole within the dreaded Pit. Players swarmed and lives lost, bodies scattered the floor of the blood coated Terracotta. We tried fighting back, but it was no place for a young man and his Mob Overkiller to die. Slowly and slowly we were pushed back, but with our backs to the Lava there was no place to go. One last hurrah was in order. With 5 TPS and the hope of a small Drug community on his back, Spalw lead the charge. For what felt like an eternity we were stuck in place, all mesmerized by the dedication, courage and selfless commitment that Spalw showed at that moment and to do this day we swear by the Gods that he was in slow-motion. However, our instincts kicked in and we followed the charge; Ryondo and CJ taking the left flank, Twerk and myself down the right with Ryan following up with Spalw. The battle was long and arduous, but with sheer will-power, we were able to overcome the rebellion and send the Rats back down to the Abyss from where once they came.

    The end

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  2. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    It will be unclear for future generations whether this is a myth or a true story.
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  3. TwerkFest

    TwerkFest Mod Staff Member Moderator

    They'll never understand the battle we all went through.
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