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the heist of the century

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by finessedya, Mar 4, 2019.

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  1. finessedya

    finessedya Active Member MVP+

    At first, there was nothing. Then... There was Civilly. Our boy's obsession with Vanguard has plagued him in the deepest corners of his mind. He messages Vanguard members daily, praying for a reply. He makes his computer background Vzl's ban. However, his efforts are futile. His clout had passed. But then, he came up with a brilliant plan. Raid Snowman. This would surely get their attention. After all, it's what he craves. He rallied his army, sure of an easy victory. But we all know he doesn't care about victory. He wants one thing, and one thing alone. Clout.

    Before he can even attempt to lay siege, he messages Flux. He wants his dog, housed in her elusive dog house. She happily obliges. As he teleports to a 10x10 box in the middle of nowhere, he teleports two Smash members fully geared. Of course, only all three together could successfully defeat a naked Flux, and 10 dogs. As he slaughters sitting dog after sitting dog in Prot 4, he's drunk on clout. It's started. His return to stardom.

    What Civilly doesn't know, is that there's a rat. The rat messages Flux to warn of his plans. Civ has been making plans in a Discord this whole time. The rat gives Flux a play-by-play, warning of everything he hoped to accomplish. Flux, started, rallies her army in return. She sends naked scouts to Snowman's base. They slaughter them, but not before they grab homes. Others in chat begin to notice the killing of Vortex and Vanguard scouts alike. Adversaries of Civilly privately message Flux, offering their assistance because frankly, Civ is annoying as fuck, and it'd be pretty funny to see him cry about getting quickied. Before efforts are coordinated, Civ's slaves manage to kill a geared member, as he went alone. "Quickied!" Civ cries, genuinely believing a 5v1 bow-spam is a quickie. He's absolutely intoxicated as he thinks of his clout.

    Vanguard and allies finally coordinate, and manage to arrive together. Five minutes of fighting, and Civ begins to panic. They hold back from the front line of Snowman's collection area, waiting for Vanguard to swim to them. Some of Civ's cronies flee. Some stay, and are quickly disposed of. Civ realizes his mistake. He teleports away when he gets the chance, and leaves the server. He can't deal with this failure. As he returns, fighting in chat begins. Vanguard taunts, as most Smash had fled as soon as Vanguard arrived together. Civ has to do something. He has to protect his clout. They begin to brag of their victory, about how they easily dropped Vanguard (the naked scouts and 1v5ing). About how they destroyed the base, split it in two. Everyone knows this isn't true, but The Evil Mod Henny shuts the conversation down.

    Smash doesn't know there's another rat. Shrimp has been sitting in their Discord this entire time, undetected, telling the rest of the faction their plans. They want to come back to pillage, and to return to finish the job once Vanguard goes offline. Vanguard stays firm, killing a handful of Smash that return naked, attempting to grab whatever they can to try and claim victory.


    After a while, all is calm. The dust seems to have cleared. Most Smash members that participated go offline. But Acmon hears something fishy. He hears damage, and finds Civilly, naked, drowning in Snowman's base. His inventory of three stacks of pumpkins falls to the ground before Acmon. Civ couldn't do it. Three stacks is all it would have taken for clout. But he failed.


    This is the story of The Heist of the Century. If you would like to donate to Civilly's Clout Bank, we are accepting donations of three stacks of pumpkins. Thank you.

    "Raided!" "Split!" No damages what so ever, a great loss for Snowman.
    Screenshot_13.png Screenshot_14.png

    Written by historian Flux
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2019
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  2. CvxZo

    CvxZo Member VIP

    The battle of snowman (2019 colorized)
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  3. fluxxxxx

    fluxxxxx Member VIP

    this is almost as good as when vanguard freed witch's slaves and started the underground railroad
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  4. parcheesi15

    parcheesi15 Mod Staff Member Moderator

    This was wild from start to finish
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  5. menameisryan

    menameisryan New Member

    the fuck is the point of this post?
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  6. NeliDearest

    NeliDearest Mod Moderator Contributor II MVP++

    When is part 2?
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  7. fluxxxxx

    fluxxxxx Member VIP

    whenever civ decides to strike again
  8. Fun fact - I killed menameisryan with my bare hands after he logged out and stole all his shit
  9. Also, i don't think tp chaining because you have a tp inside counts as proper raiding.
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  10. Acmon

    Acmon Active Member MVP+

    iu.png iu2.png iu3.png
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
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  11. Mac_Milller

    Mac_Milller Helper Helper Contributor

    This was almost surreal
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