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The Server Can Have Some Robots Cops?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by TastyMcPancakes, Oct 7, 2017.


Do You agree {Your'e real choice xD}

  1. Yes it's possible

    2 vote(s)
  2. No way

    14 vote(s)
  3. Maybe Yes

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  1. TastyMcPancakes

    TastyMcPancakes New Member

    Is there a plugin that can make robot cops
    it would be nicer and ppl will need to escape as hard as possible xD
    I wish you found or make something like this xD thanks for reading this

    LITTLE5LAYER Well-Known Member MVP+

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  3. TastyMcPancakes

    TastyMcPancakes New Member

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  4. JuniorRae

    JuniorRae Member MVP

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  5. Nuggets101

    Nuggets101 Member VIP Contributor

    @TastyMcPancakes Do some research about it and see if there is a plugin. But there are Plugins like NPC's. But the server has player cops so idk if they want to change it any time soon. ;)
  6. Sex Whale 7XVAED

    Sex Whale 7XVAED New Member

    It's a cool idea. Especially because sometimes there are no cops on, making the journey to sell drugs rather uneventful - but wouldn't this put player cops out of a job? :D
  7. Mrbengly

    Mrbengly New Member MVP

    Agreed, this would be a cool feature, maybe the “robot cops” would only spawn when there are not any cops online?
    Anyways this seems like a fun idea but it would probably take a lot of work to implement on the server.
  8. Chargers2019

    Chargers2019 Member VIP+

    As a cop and member of the community, i think this is a stupid idea. I enjoy being a cop and it's the reason i play on this server. But contrary to my beliefs, cop allows players who don't want to farm, be a druggie or mule an opportunity to try and catch those players who do. It makes the server unique, as a lot of drug servers don't really have a big police element and makes the experiance of selling drugs some what eventful. You never know if a cop is around the corner. And some cops are good and bad. Robot cops would not only lag the server more but also ruin the uniqueness of MCDrugs that I love! That's just my opinion as a player here
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  9. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    Thanks for the idea, but this isn't possible without significant cost which would not be justified by the outcome.
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