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Too many staff members?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SquiddyCat, Mar 11, 2019.

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  1. CodGlitchesHD

    CodGlitchesHD Member

    nigga who's here for player interactions, we out here tryna max, not make friends smh also dunno wtf ur possibly saying to people if you don't want people reading your messages lmao. I think we need more staff purely cause some just ignore you while they run around spawn, sik support yh
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  2. CvxZo

    CvxZo Member VIP

    This is a mess
  3. SquiddyCat

    SquiddyCat Member

    Ye, whenever there is staff online, they just run around spawn and do nothing (means theyre not afk). Why do they do this all the time, I just get the point of this lol.
  4. This just solidifies the point that we need more staff instead of less... More opinions against retards like you. imma eat ur base now.
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  5. Lukey13

    Lukey13 Helper Helper

    Whether staff or not, if somebody decides to come onto the game and just run around spawn, that is completely down to them. There doesn't need to be less staff members just because a lot of them run around spawn.
  6. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    I’m going to lock this thread.

    Please refer to my earlier statement.
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