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Two Best Ways to Make Prot 4 Armor (Bonus Giveaway)

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Zhihu, Jun 18, 2018.

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  1. Zhihu

    Zhihu Well-Known Member 2017 Map Founder Contributor MVP+


    Made this video to help other people get a lot of PvP gear a lot faster. Want people to be competitive with the other big factions on the server and this video will help you do that. PvP tutorial and Cop tutorial coming soon.

    Make sure to tune into this weekends stream for some giveaways.
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  2. KatarinaCouteau

    KatarinaCouteau Active Member Outstanding Forum Contributor

    Cool video, I love the idea! +1

    For the second method, I prefer to combine the sets directly on a vanilla Minecraft anvil rather than salvage them, as you don't need a high repair skill, and will never lose the enchants. Rank-Up armor, as well as T1 & T2 vote crate armor, works great for this as well!

    For boots specifically and possibly helmets, I think the first method, enchanting the boots yourself, or a combination of them both is best, as you definitely want the Depth Strider and Feather Falling enchants both for PvP or just general MC-Drugs activities ^.^
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  3. Joshlyxox

    Joshlyxox Active Member

    I loot any mvp+ armour as they have prot 2 and its common so I just anvil them and make prot 4 that way. Takes 4 sets which we get one set a day
  4. p0six

    p0six Well-Known Member MVP+ PvP Tournament (Not Winner)

    Zhihu, if you lower the health of a blaze to .1, then let it stack again, the blaze remains at .1 health and can be spam clicked with a sword. Additionally, mob overkiller doesn't do additional damage, and you should use pistons to push in the blazes such that they don't move when being spam hit.

    This is the most useful information for grinding gear, so it's dissapointing that it was left out.

    Additionally, the best level for enchanting feather falling 4 is level 26, so it should've been mentioned that this level of enchantment is useful.
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