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Vortex Recruitment

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Tokergod, May 16, 2019.

  1. Tokergod

    Tokergod New Member

    • Do not Teleport non-faction members to or around faction land, or land a faction member let you teleport to.
    • Don't cause conflict with allied or truce factions.Also dont tp them without perm from. CO-owner or owner,
    • Respect your faction members. DO not grief them, this will not be tolerated.Also do not steal drugs u Yourself Have not Farmed.
    • Anything you harvest- REPLANT. Complaints by faction members because you're not replanting will be handled accordingly. You will be demoted or kicked if this isn't resolved.
    • Recruits/members will not be kicked from the faction for being inactive. If you know you are going to be inactive, please notify Someone or post in the discord Chat.
    • Faction members can be kicked without warning if we suspect or have information you are only in our faction to inside or stealing drugs/item ext.
    • Please do not ask to be promoted. This may result in no future promotion's

    Ranks go as followed:
    • Recruit - Not allowed in anything trial period
    • Member - To be a Member u Must be above junky rank
    Officer is currently not an option

    Vortex Faction Information:

    New recruits are expected to make/use their own farms in main World.
    There is a /f home for Officers/owners Only In main world, There is A /f home for members in /farm world to farm Pls remember to be kind to other faction members.
    Please do not ask to use other members farms, unless they openly ask you if you want to.
    Officers/Owner can help you if you need any Items such as wood, enchanting tables, books etc. Just ask. And we will do our best to Help

    We have Discord for the faction in the Future once we get more people i will link the info or u can look for it on discord Vortex.
    We have a group Chat you will be given the information to join once you're accepted. Type /gc into chat to toggle group chat on and off.

    There is no faction taxes Anymore :p . That being said, you should still feel obligated to donate to the faction if you use faction farms. Money will go towards expanding and/or repairs and user ranks that apply. (/f money deposit <amount>)

    If you want land claimed, you must be a member. You must ask Tokergod or any other Faction Admin.
    -If you cannot follow the Rules , you will be contacted and then demoted or kicked.
    If you have any questions feel free to ask! any officer or leader Tokergod or Patrickman99
    We will expect for you to have read through and understand the rules

    Officers that are allowed to accept/deny your application:


    Don't post on this thread unless you're interested in our faction.!!!!!

    Application Template: Copy and Paste this template into your reply.
    (bolded items indicate required answer)
    Note: Please spell your in-game name correctly! If your in-game name is not included, your application will be denied.
    In-Game name:
    Drug Rank / Cop Rank:
    Donor Rank:
    Online time? (type /ot in game):
    How often do you play?:
    What other factions have you been in:
    What is your favorite thing to do (pvp/build/autofarm/etc):
    Why do you want to join the faction:
    Do you understand the rules/guidelines?:

    Player that recommended you to the faction:

    For More details pleas see a in-game Officer,Owner
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  2. Thiis is actually sad. Just blatantly copy all of valhallas recruitment page. Just... Sad.

    Officer is currently not an option. This will be discussed between faction leaders.
    If you're a cop, please specify in your application.

    Officers that are allowed to accept/deny your application:

    New recruits are expected to make/use their own farms.

    I mean Valhalla are going to be a bad faction, but why don't you just make your own?
  3. CvxZo

    CvxZo Member VIP

    It’s okay to use other faction application forms for inspiration but this is just a copy and paste. Smh.
  4. Tokergod

    Tokergod New Member

    i didnt think it was that big of a deal.... i mean i was going to say bascally the same dam thing anyway and i changed alot on there so its not just a copy...
    Last edited: May 16, 2019

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