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Wahh recruitment just take a look

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Koro Sensei, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. Koro Sensei

    Koro Sensei New Member

    im quite chill about who is in my faction but you must have, a basic understanding of the game, discord, play at least 4hrs a week, be willing to put money into the faction and listen to the leader

    ok sorted cool you will be split up into roles

    Farmers: you basicly look after crops/drugs and go mining and other things to get items
    sellers: ok we will all sell but certain people will have this as a role
    raid captains: we will all raid but this person is in charge
    builder: personally im great at building but a extra hand couldn't help

    we will change are faction name at some point but wahh for waluigi

    you will all get a personal farm of 3x3 right now but soon it will be 9x9

    we can mark chests as yours with a sign

    I think that's done my Minecraft username is JoshGaming_YT
    my discord is JoshGamingYT #5420

    ill be waiting

    - Koro Sensei
  2. Koro Sensei

    Koro Sensei New Member

    wow can I join
    my user is ##########
    my discord is #### #0989

    now that's a reply
  3. Chubaholic

    Chubaholic New Member

    Never mind. (I can't delete this post)
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2018
  4. DrasticKiller418

    DrasticKiller418 New Member

    Minecraft ign: DrasticKiller418
    Discord ign: S_7Lime#6376

    i want to join just because im bored of playing other games also i will be able to play roughly 10 hours a week or more.
    ive been playing mc for maybe 3-4 years now i love playing with others and i want to join the server.

    im good at pvp and love building

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