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Weekly Parkour Challenge #8 (December 10 - December 17)

Discussion in 'Weekly Event' started by Dakotaa, Dec 10, 2017.

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  1. Dakotaa

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    Welcome to the eighth weekly parkour challenge. Each week, there will be three parkour courses that will be the "Weekly Challenge" courses. At the end of the week, the players holding the top three times for each course will win prizes. You get all week to try to get one of the top three times. The times are checked next Sunday at 12AM CST. The three courses will consist of one easy course (including sets like Dust, Cobble, and Ice), one medium course, and one hard course. When a course is set to be a challenge course, the times are reset (Sorry to anyone who has top times, but this is the only way we can easily track it throughout the week). Players are only able to win a prize for one course. If a player holds a top time in multiple courses, they will receive the lowest prize that they are elligible for.

    This week's challenge courses:
    • HellTower (Easy) /pk join 68
    • Purple (Medium) /pk join 43
    • Blocks (Hard) /pk join 83
    • Easy Course
      • Jimoka - First Place: $200,000
      • Parkour_Miner - Second Place: $100,000
      • Skebby - Third Place: $50,000
    • Medium Course
      • DetectiveConan - First Place: $350,000 + 1 key of your choice*
      • Padanders - Second Place: $150,000
      • MLKeeping123 - Third Place: $100,000
    • Hard Course
      • GeneralMuffinMan - First Place: $500,000 + 2 key of your choice*
      • N/A - Second Place: $250,000
      • N/A - Third Place: $150,000
    * Only keys available on our webstore (No prestige, mastery, etc.)

    Final top times:
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