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We will be posting change logs every time we make any significant changes.

All of these changelogs are available to view by clicking the "Changelog" button on the nav bar, or clicking the link below.

Change Log

Old post:
The changelog for the 2019 reset is now available.

This changelog is as exhaustive as we could make it, but many changes have not been included. Feel free to leave your thoughts below :)

The 2019 reset is fast approaching. Officially, the 10th of May! We aren't giving too much away, as of now - but the teaser above might give you an idea about what is going on behind the scenes.

Reset Fund Information: The Reset Fund is back this year! The reset fund allows you to put your money earned this map, which will be reset along with the map on May 10, towards some rewards at the start of next map. Deposit your money from this map into the reset fund with /rf deposit <amount> and see your reset fund balance with /rf balance. Unlike last year, where we only gave rewards to the top 25 players who deposited the most, we will now be giving rewards to all players who deposit at least $10,000,000. The top 25 will still receive better rewards, but anyone who deposits at least ten million will get something special next map.

This time of year is very difficult for us. Our workload is immense, for all areas of the staff team. We began work on the new map over two months ago now, and still have a long journey ahead. Due to the amount of development work and new features, our costs during this time are exceptionally high, while our donations are at the lowest point they reach throughout the year.

Today, the Map Founder's Bundles are available on the store. Pre-Ordering these bundles not only really helps us fund the major changes with the reset, but also gets you awesome benefits next map and during the current map. The rewards available in the previous founder bundles have been regarded as some of the best available for the past few years, as this year will be no different.

Thank you all for your support, and keep an eye out for what else is to come.

We're going to be giving away Legacy MVP++ to one lucky player. Type /LegacyMVP++ in game to view what this includes. If you already own Legacy MVP++ and you win, you can nominate a friend to receive the prize, but please enter with your own IGN.

We are looking to get some more feedback from players about the most important parts of MCDrugs!
To enter, complete the feedback form by clicking here.

Please be as detailed as you can, as this feedback will very heavily contribute to the development of next map and beyond.

Only one entry permitted per player. You must have at least 5 hours of /ot at the time of drawing, and we will be checking for alternate accounts before dispensing the prize.

We have always been very proud of our casino and gambling offerings on MCDrugs, and because of that, we desire to continue to lead the way with new gambling games on faction servers. We have been working very hard for the past few months to exceed our already genre leading casino offerings.

This post details the new casino games that have recently been custom designed for MCDrugs and it's players.
All of the following games are now officially leaving BETA and their current state is deemed complete. If you have any further suggestions, we will take them into consideration, please feel free to post below.

MC-Drugs Double
Double is a game where you play against the server, alongside the rest of the community. You choose to bet on either Red or Black to double your money, or take a chance and bet on Green for a chance to win 14X your bet.

The rolls are server-wide, meaning that if you and your friends both bet on the same colour, and it lands, you will both win! The server will win together, and lose together.

Due to the nature of the game, you can only bet during certain periods. There is a betting phase for 30 seconds every minute. To be notified when the betting phase is open you will need to type /DoubleNotify, you can always turn this off using the same command to prevent spam in your chat.

Type /Double [Amount] [Red, Black, Green] to place a wager, and wait until the betting phase is over to see the result.

You can type /DoubleHistory to see the previous 15 rolls. You can also use /DoubleHistoryMode to change where the information displays and how complex you wish the stats to be. You can also use /DoubleAutoHist to enable or disable automatically being shown the history after each round is over.

/DoubleHelp displays all of the commands and some more info. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

We have had coinflip many times in the past, in different...