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This weekend we added a couple things to improve the gamepaly of police, as well as the opening of The Lion Casino and some other gambling things.

Police now start with a taser in their inventory. The taser can shoot players in spawn, but only loads one cartridge at a time and takes a while to reload. When someone is shot with the taser, they get slowness for 5 seconds and they get outlines around them to let people see them through walls for 10 seconds. Police do not spawn with cartridges for the taser, and need to buy them at the evidence lockup in the police station for $1750 each.

Police now drop their items (exluding their armour, stick, taser, and SWAT sword) when killed. This means that when a cop catches your buddy in the prison, you can kill him and get their drugs back. Some cops brought their own gear to PvP, and that can now be taken from them.

The final change to cops was the removal of /listcops. Many players used /listcops to see if any cops were online, and wouldn't sell their drugs if there were any. Now, only cops can use the command. This means that players who were more hesistant around police will need to watch in chat for them going on duty, or look around at spawn.

The Lion Casino is now open, offering five different gambling games to play. Three tiers of slot machines, Low Spender, Standard Spender, and High Roller are all fun ways to make, or lose, a lot of money. To play slots, buy the "Slot Coins" from the NPC Vinny in The Cage. Right click the sign, or the lever, of that slot machine to play. Another game, the Skill Machine, incorporates some more skill. Finally, Double or Nothing is a quick way to double your money, or lose it.

We've also implemented our first ever player versus player gambling, Coin Flipping. Do /cf or /coinflip ingame to see the current matches, or create a match. Coinflip works by players making a game, for example /coinflip create 10000 tails, then waiting for another player to join. Each player puts...
The new weekly event is here, alongside the drop parties today will be the second weekly King of The Hill, then a new gamemode, paintball. We are also soon adding a new like system to the website that you may have seen on other Xenforo sites, as well as new kits for police.
Hey guys! The website is back up, and I'm happy to let you all know what happened.

Over the past week we re-launched MCDrugs! We have had fantastic feedback from this launch and we're glad you all seem to love it. However, since hours after the first new players joined - we had multiple DDOS attacks on the server every day. These attacks have been a non-issue for most of the players, we have done what we can to mitigate these attacks and we hope that we have provided a solid experience on the server since the launch.

The real trouble start about 24 hours ago, we received a level 3 https attack on our web-server, this caused our host to disable our site to prevent it affecting other customers. This is why the site was down for so long, as we decided immediately to change hosting company. The error messages you have seen over the past few days are indicative of nothing but these attacks, we understand that a few of you may have thought it was another issue such as us pirating a license for our web-service, which we can gladly say isn't the case.

These attacks are constant and we're working hard to provide you all the same quality MCDrugs experience that we have for many years, day in and day out. We'd like to thank those that have been supporting us throughout the reset, we have had an unbelievable amount of kind words and comments and we can't wait to shape this map with you all.

All of these issues aside, as always we cannot wait for the weekend event! We have a lot in store for you all and we hope as many of you as possible can make it! There will be more information available soon.

Again, many thanks. As always,
Grow, Sell, Excel.
MCDrugs Staff Team.
Hey guys,

We require a bit of downtime to work on the server, so I decided to do it when the least amount of players are online, apologies if you're in the time zones that experience this.

There will be around 5 minutes to 35 minutes of downtime two hours after this is posted.