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I'd like to start this post by making it very clear that nothing is being reset - nothing is being removed or lost. The new content described below will be in addition to the current farm world.

The addition of the Farm World is one of the largest changes we've made to the server, and we're glad to see how it's been used over the first couple months of the map. Recently, we took a feedback survey for the farm world, and received some very useful responses. With this data, some major changes have been made to the farm world. These changes are our attempt to make the farm world much more welcoming and lessen the gameplay impact of choosing to play there.

New Farm World
  • A fresh world is available on /farm. You can get there by doing /espawn while in the Farm world (/farm).
  • Like the original world, this new world is completely ocean, however it is natural ocean, meaning there are structures, caves, and lava pools underground. Hopefully this will be a hard counter to the tunneling "meta" that many players have been taking advantage of in the original world.
  • The new world has ores and all other resources found in ocean biomes.
  • The border of the new world is 8000 in each direction, same as the original world currently is. In the future, the new world's border will continue to expand, while the old one will not.
Other Changes
  • Vote Parties will now happen on Farm as well as Spawn/Wild.
  • Mob spawning has been enabled in Farm, however spawners will only spawn mobs half as fast as in Wild.
  • Kits now work on both servers. The kit cooldowns are separate on Farm from Spawn/Wild, so to keep it balanced we have doubled the kit cooldown time for every kit. The cooldown time is technically the same as before as long as you claim the kit both on Farm and on Spawn/Wild.
  • Obsidian now takes 3 TNT hits to destroy instead of 2 on the Farm world....
The Vault
Reveal your inner bank thief, visit the vault and play for your chance to enter the vault. You can find the vault undernearth the Bank on /map. The video above includes a tutorial.

Dog Fighting
Looking for something to do for your first date? Perhaps you have the kids for the weekend? Check out the Dog Fight Arena sponsored by The Lion underneath the casino, which launched this week. You can visit the Family Friendly attraction by typing /df tp.

We will be posting change logs every time we make any significant changes.

All of these changelogs are available to view by clicking the "Changelog" button on the nav bar, or clicking the link below.

Change Log

Old post:
The changelog for the 2019 reset is now available.

This changelog is as exhaustive as we could make it, but many changes have not been included. Feel free to leave your thoughts below :)