Winter DrugPass Update (January 4)

2021 Winter DrugPass

  • The 2021 Winter DrugPass has been released! Check it out in-game with /drugpass.
  • DrugPass is a BattlePass-like tiered reward system:
    • Every 100 DrugPass EXP earns you a tier, with 150 total tiers to progress through.
    • There's plenty of ways to earn DrugPass EXP:
      • Complete seasonal quests. These quests will be available for the entirety of the Winter DrugPass.
      • Complete daily quests. Every day, there will be 14 new daily quests that can only be completed in the Wild world.
      • Vote. Earn 10 DrugPass EXP for every vote.
      • Claim your 150 free DrugPass EXP on our store.
    • The Premium Winter DrugPass grants a reward every tier, while the free DrugPass grants a reward every four tiers. Upgrade to the Premium Winter DrugPass on our store.
    • The rewards include a bunch of exclusive tags and pets, and tons of store items.
    • The full 150 tiers of premium rewards are worth more than $230 USD!
    • We have decided to sell DrugPass EXP on the store, however, redeeming any number of purchased EXP will make you ineligible to receive the exclusive rewards and recognition for completing the Holiday DrugPass (that is, only players that complete the DrugPass solely through EXP earned from in-game quests will receive the full Tier 150 rewards).

End of Holiday Festivities

  • The 2020 Holiday Festivities have come to an end. We'd like to thank everyone who took part in the present hunt and gift exchange for helping make it the best MCDrugs holiday season yet!
  • Congratulations to the top three players in the Holiday Gift Exchange:
    • GlucoseDaddy: 9336 presents gifted.
    • galaktias: 1109 presents gifted.
    • Cthan: 1096 presents gifted.
  • The Exceedingly Rare Item Bribe is now available on /gogshop - speak to Dakotaa about redeeming one.

Drug Price Balance

  • All drug prices have been balanced. This includes the price of their derivatives (drugs made with this drug) based on the same formulas as before.
  • Increased prices:
    • Pumpkin Seeds: $0.25 increase (+10%)
    • Melon Seeds: $0.50 increase (+8%)
    • Beetroot: $1.00 increase (+7%)
    • Paper/Sugar: $0.25 increase (+5%)
    • Potatoes: $0.50 increase (+5%)
    • Chorus Fruit: $0.75 increase (+3%)
    • Nether Wart: $0.25 increase (+3%)
    • Carrots: $0.25 increase (+3%)
  • Decreased prices:
    • Mushrooms: $2.75 decrease (-31%)
    • Wheat: $0.75 decrease (-9%)
    • Cactus Green: $0.25 decrease (-7%)
    • Cocoa Beans: $0.50 decrease (-6%)