MCDrugs Update 4 (June 24)

Summer Drug Pass

  • The Summer Drug Pass is here!
  • Access the Drug Pass in-game with the /drugpass command.
  • The Drug Pass is a battlepass with quests and exclusive rewards.
  • Complete seasonal and daily quests to earn Drug Pass EXP to tier-up your Drug Pass. Each of the 150 tiers earns a reward.
  • Seasonal quests include things like gambling, opening crates, and exploring spawn. These grant the most EXP. More seasonals quests will be released throughout the summer.
  • Daily quests can only be progressed and completed in Wild (/wild). There are seven daily quests every day, each granting 20 EXP.
  • Vote daily for 5 Drug Pass EXP per vote (upgrade to the Premium Drug Pass to earn 6 EXP per vote!)
  • Upgrade your Drug Pass to Premium with /drugpass premium.

Summer Crate & Summer Sale

  • The Summer Crate is back, with 9 summer-themed items, including some favourites from previous maps! Check it out at Spawn, or /warp crates.
  • Among the Summer Crate items are:
    • The exceedingly rare Lucky Conch, the only Fortune IV item obtainable on the server.
    • The very rare Stealth Flippers, a pair of Depth Strider III boots that grant invisibility when you hold shift while under sea-level (y=63).
    • The rare Fisherman's Friend, a fishing rod that refills a bit of hunger every time a fish is caught.
  • The annual Summer Sale has begun on our store. This is the first major sale of the 2020-2021 map!

Tag Shop

  • We've just added the Tag Shop! Directly buy the chat tags that you want, without having to take your chances with Tag Crates.
  • Currently, only country tags and dynamic drug tags are available in the Tag Shop, but more are coming very soon!
  • Eight new country tags have also been added (America, Ireland, Wales, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, and Romania), these are only available from the Tag Shop.
  • To purchase tags from the Tag Shop, you'll first need Tag Credits, which can be purchased on our store. Once you have them, access the Tag Shop with /tshop and select a tag category to view. Click on the tag you want to buy, and if you have enough Tag Credits, you will receive the voucher for that tag.

Drug Price Balance

  • All drug prices have been balanced. This includes the price of their derivatives (drugs made with this drug) based on the same formulas as before.
  • The value of the vine component in Ayahuasca has also been raised, resulting in a 12% Ayahuasca price increase..
  • Increased prices:
    • Nether Wart - 15% increase
    • Mushrooms - 12% increse
    • Cocoa Beans - 7% increase
    • Chorus Fruit - 5% increase
    • Beetroot - 3% increase
    • Potatoes - 2% increase
  • Decreased Prices:
    • Pumpkin Seeds - 20% decrease
    • Melon Seeds - 17% decrease
    • Wheat - 17% decrease
    • Carrots - 10% decrease
    • Cactus Green - 5% decrease
    • Paper/Sugar - 4% decrease

Other Changes

  • Players will now go back to the exact drug rank that they enrolled at when resigning from police.
  • Added police Aquatic Boost ability - grants a few seconds to Dolphin's Grace (faster swimming).
  • Added Help system - used /help <message> to send a question to all online helpers and above, and receive a notification when your question is answered.
  • Added auto-broadcast tip messages in chat. These can be ignored by clicking one of the messages, or using /bcdisable
  • /vote and /daily can now be used while jailed.
  • /farm now sends the player to Farm-M instead of Farm-A. Use /farmm to get to Farm-M.
  • Combat tag and punishment for logging out added to KitPvP.