MCDrugs 2021 Reset

Major Gameplay Changes

  • Server is now on version 1.16.5.
    • All diamond items, including crate items, can be upgraded to Netherite without item data being lost.
    • Illagers and illager raids are disabled.
  • View distance (the number of chunks that load and tick around the player) is now dynamic and depends on the world’s TPS. Consistently high TPS will increase the view distance. View distance is displayed on the sideboard below TPS. If you are having trouble connecting to the server or you’re getting very high ping when loading chunks, reduce your render distance.

MCDrugs Wiki

  • With the new map, we are also launching the MCDrugs Wiki. The wiki will be an official, centralized source for information on MCDrugs, most importantly tutorial information for new players, and useful tips & tricks.
  • The /wiki <topic> command can be used in-game to quickly get the link to specific wiki pages.
  • The wiki will be placing the in-game tutorial. The Getting Started page has a lot of useful information for new players, and can be easily accessed in-game with /tutorial.
  • The wiki is very much still a work-in-progress. Transferring as much information from multiple sources onto the wiki is a large undertaking, and help is always appreciated. If any players are seriously interested in contributing by writing or editing wiki pages, speak to Dakotaa.


  • Drug prices have been overhauled. Price balances will be more frequent and avoid the overall decline in prices that was seen on the last map.
  • Added two new drug combinations:
    • Xanax, made from beetroot and melon seeds.
    • Mescaline, made from brown mushrooms, red mushrooms, and cactus.
  • Various changes to drug combinations ingredients.
    • Ayahuasca recipe replaced, now requires mushrooms and melon seeds.
    • Sugar component in fentanyl replaced with pumpkin seeds.
    • Sugar component in MDMA replaced with carrots.
    • Chorus fruit component in krokodil replaced with potatoes.
    • Bonemeal component in lean replaced with pumpkin seeds.
  • Drug Lab clarity and consistency improvements.
    • Every drug combination recipe now creates one stack. Some combination ratios had to be adjusted to make this work, most notably with all joint recipes, but prices have been adjusted accordingly.
    • Crafted drug combination items now show the correct ratios in the lore (i.e. how many of each ingredient it takes to make one piece, rather than an entire stack).
  • Increased the number of each drug seed in /kit drugs from 8 to 32.
  • Added more information to the /drugnames GUI menu, including which world each drug grows fastest in.
  • There is now a GUI menu for /formulalist. The old-style text list can be accessed with /formulalisttext.

Prestige and Mastery

  • There is now a cost to prestige past first prestige.
    • The first prestige is free, subsequent prestiges have increasing prices.
    • This change increases the total price to reach Drug Lord to $241,235,000, roughly $100,000,000 more than the previous map.
    • Likewise, a prestige cost has been added for police prestiges.
  • Museum Busts are now automatic, bust updates as the player prestiges.
    • Museum busts have been removed from the Prestige Crate.
    • A bust is now awarded upon reaching first prestige. This will assign the next available bust in the museum to the player. Each player now has a maximum of two busts in the museum (one for drug prestiges, one for police prestiges)
    • Upon prestige further, this bust will be updated with the player’s new prestige.
  • Added Prestige Signatures, names on Prestige and Mastery Crate items are now randomly selected when the item is unboxed.
    • Prestige Crate and Mastery Crate item lores (“Forged by …” and “Crafted by …”) are now dynamic.
    • Each time an item is unboxed from these crates, the name in the item lore is chosen randomly from the names of all prestiged or Drug Lord players.
    • Every time a player prestiges, their name is added again to the list of Prestige Signature names - the names of higher prestiged players are more likely to be drawn and applied to items.
    • The Prestige Signature of an item can be re-rolled, and a new randomly selected name is applied, by using a Prestige Signature Changer. These can be purchased from the store.
  • Drug Lord and Operator tags are now selected through a GUI menu.
  • Prestige and Mastery Crate adjustments.
    • Mastery Crate items are now netherite.
    • Mastery Crate tools are now Fortune III.
    • Prestige Crate armour changed from a full set to four separate pieces.
    • Super Golden Apples removed from Prestige Crate.


  • Added Debuff Resistance potions.
    • Brewed with a diamond (from an awkward potion).
    • When applied, clears all current debuffs, and provides immunity to debuffs for four minutes.
    • Splash potion can be made by further brewing with a gold nugget.
  • Removed cooldown for regular golden apples.
  • Added Duels, challenge players to a duel with /duel <name> while in the Spawn building.
    • 1v1 duels using pre-made kits, items are not lost.
    • To duel another player, use /duel <name> <wager>. The wager is an optional money wager on the duel.
    • Item wagers can also be placed once the duel request is accepted, and works similar to trading.
    • Players can select the kit they want to use when sending a duel request, and also select the arena, or have a random arena be chosen.


  • Faction land ownership enabled - allows giving permissions to specific members in each chunk.
  • Genbuckets of non-falling blocks can now be used to “patch” walls (will continue to generate through blocks of the same type, filling in holes)
  • Factions chat now works properly, does not send messages to global chat.

Other Changes


The Lion Casino

  • Casino Rewards remastered.
    • Progress through the Casino Loyalty Tiers by gambling. Each tier earns daily and weekly rewards. Rewards can be claimed from Vinny in The Cage.
    • Estimated progress to the next tier can be found with /casino progress. Each player gets a free estimate each tier, but extra estimates much be purchased from The Cage.
  • Brought back a couple gambling games:
    • Kitty and Budget Kitty, now overhauled and improved, with new sounds, effects, and notifications.
    • Jeff’s Drinks drinking game.
  • Dog Fights improvements:
    • Changes to dog fight mechanics. As a result, payouts are much less drastic.
    • Fixed dog fight payouts not properly factoring in tax.
    • New and improved dog fight sounds - dog sound pitch is now based on the dog’s weight class, and added occasional whimper and growl sounds for a more authentic experience.
  • Double, Jackpot, and Coinflip now have physical representations in the casino, and can also be played from there.

The Tiger Casino

  • Dimitry and The Tiger Casino are back! Now featuring three very legitimate gambling games:
    • Dimitry’s finger guessing game.
    • Communist Coinflip
    • Russian Roulette (up to 6x your money!)
  • The Tiger Casino can be found underneath The Lion Casino.

The Museum

  • The museum now features main NPC displays for the first nine Drug Lords and Operators. Subsequent Drug Lords and Operators will be displayed in a side room.
  • The museum now features the top three players in each mcMMO skill and Job.
  • The museum now features NPCs of the top three all-time voters, and heads of the current top five weekly and monthly voters.
  • Added commands to easily navigate to areas of the museum:
    • /museum to warp to the museum.
    • /museum <busts/votes/jobs/mcmmo> to teleport to a specific section of the museum.

New Commands

  • You can now teleport directly to their player shop or police housing with /as tp <region name>.
  • The current location of the Traveling Dealer can be checked with /travelingdealer or /td.
  • The Cage can be accessed from anywhere in Spawn with /cage.
  • The border of each world can now be checked with /border.
  • Check the time remaining on your Auto-Replant and Extra Drops with /autoreplant check
  • Spin for rewards once a day with Daily Spin (/daily


  • Added dynamic votes tag, which is awarded to the top monthly voter each month, as well as when reaching 500 votes. This tag can only be equipped in Spawn.
  • Added static tags for reaching 500, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, and 2000 votes.
  • Top weekly and monthly voter rewards are now displayed in /vrewards

Alcohol and Brewing

  • Alcohol is now bought and sold in a physical liquor store.
    • Police can sell their brewed alcohol to the store, and anyone can purchase it.
    • The stock is finite and affected by sales - if a drink is out of stock, police must brew and sell it to restock it.
  • Drinks can now be aged in barrel blocks.
  • Added physical brew sealing tables to seal brews.
  • Added new drinks.
    • Honey Mead - Alcoholic
    • Mining Brew - Haste II for 5 minutes
    • Lifeforce Brew - 4 bonus hearts for 5 minutes
  • Removed a few drinks that were very similar to others.
  • Increased the amount that drinking milk sobers the player.
  • Added actionbar indicator for how drunk the player is, and the quality of drunkness.
  • Police housing rent reduced to $10,000 per day.

Store Changes

MCDrugs Store Loyalty Points

  • With this map, we're launching the MCDrugs Store Loyalty Points program.
  • Purchases from the store will reward you with points, at a base rate of 5 points for every $1 USD spent.
  • Points can be redeemed for store credit vouchers at 100 points per dollar. So 1000 points would get you $10 off any store purchase.
  • There will occasionally be point boosters that increase the amount of points per dollar spent. With the Map Launch Sale, points will be boosted 3.0x (15 points per $1 USD spent).
  • Players who pre-ordered a Founder Bundle will be rewarded the corresponding number of points when they claim their Founder rewards.
  • See /points in-game for information on your point balance and how to redeem them.


  • Boosters now come in 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2.0x, at 20 minute, 40 minute, and 60 minute times.
  • 2.0x boosters will not be available on the store for the first two weeks of the new map.
  • Map Reset Deals are now available on the store - these bundles are limited to one per person, and some have a limited quantity available.
  • Reduced the price of Item Rename, Lore, and StatTrack tags, and increased the discount of buying them in bundles.


  • The Tool Crate, Favourites Crate, and Spawner Crate have returned.
  • Tool Crate adjusted.
    • Jackhammer upgraded to the Jackhammer Mk IV
    • Drill upgraded to the Drill Mk III
    • Two new uncommon items added, replacing the original uncommon items.
  • Favourites Crates adjusted.
    • Removed the Pyro Chestplate.
    • Legacy of Chuck is now Very Rare.
    • Mob Overkiller is now Rare.
    • Added the Obsidian Destroyer as a common item.
  • Tag Crate overhauled.
    • Instead of multiple tag crates each with every rarity, the tags are now split into Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare Tag Crates.
    • Most Tag Crate tags from previous maps have returned - there are over 150 tags available from these crates in total.
    • To open these crates, one must obtain a Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Very Rare Tag Crate Key from the Tag Key Crate.
    • Trade-up is back for chat tag vouchers. Nine tag vouchers of the same rarity can be traded-up for a random tag voucher of the next rarity with /tradeup

Donator Ranks

  • Remaining temporary donator rank time can be checked with /rankcheck.
  • Remaining MCDrugs Premium time can be checked with /premium check.
  • /donorprefix now uses a GUI menu for selecting donator rank prefixes.


  • All pets available to players can be previewed at /warp pets, a special world where players have access to spawn any of these pets.
  • Pets can now be purchased in bundles from the store.
  • The ability to rename pets can now be purchased from the store.

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Sushi is back, with new recipes. Sushi can be sold to Hiruko at Fisher’s Cove.
  • Jobs are now working in Spawn.
  • Spawners can be toggled off with a redstone signal.
  • Junky kit armour is now personalized with the player’s name.
  • Brought back the lawyer sign in jail.
  • New players now receive the MCDrugs handbook, containing useful information on getting started.
  • Achievements added for reaching level 25 in each job.
  • Increased some achievement requirements.
  • Kill messages now specify which world the player was killed in.
  • The Traveling Dealer will now be invisible in locations where they are not active.
  • Kill messages now have tooltip item displays like [item].
  • Cactus and THC concentrate will smelt faster in a blast furnace.
  • Players now receive Speed II while in the Drop Party room.
  • All players now have access to use /bin, /ec, and /pv in the Drop Party room.
  • Mounts can no longer be spawned in the Drop Party room.
  • Welcome message for new players now display in every world.
  • Mending will now repair the most damaged item in the inventory by default.
  • Vacuum tools now work on crops such as cocoa beans, wheat, etc.
  • Punishment messages now properly show up in all worlds.
  • Potion effects now carry over between worlds.
  • The Jackhammer no longer breaks obsidian, unless it is the block being directly broken.
  • Fixed players being able to rent more than one shop region.

Our Plan for This Map

We've made a lot of changes with this reset, and while most are minor, some will have major impacts on gameplay. We'll be watching closely to see how everything works out. There's a ton more that we want to add to MCDrugs, but as the entire staff team has responsibilities outside of the server, time was limited. We'll be working to release new content and features consistently throughout the summer.

The MCDrugs 2021-2022 Roadmap

To give players an idea of what's coming up, we'll be launching the MCDrugs 2021-2022 Roadmap. This page will include some information about what we're currently working on, and what is being planned.

What about The Pit?

You may notice that The Pit is not (yet) available on the new map. Our focus has been on the main worlds and gameplay of MCDrugs, and even though we've had months to prepare, we just didn't have time to get to The Pit before we were satisfied with the main worlds. The Pit has barely seen any changes since the 2019-2020 map, and we're not happy launching the new map with The Pit being the exact same as it has for the past two years. So, we're going to take the first few weeks to make sure that everything is running smoothly on the main worlds, and then we're going to make some big changes to The Pit. The plan is to have The Pit open again by late June.