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    Streaming and shi

    the lack of players right now is due to the reset being right around the corner, tons of players will be on in 10 days!
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    Streaming and shi

    I kinda wanna record or stream next map but im not really sure yet, yall think its a good idea?
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    ‘Ban Appeal’ Suggestion

    I think paying for unban is stupid, dont break the rules and you won’t get banned
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    Accepted Ban Appeal - 50PercentOff

    Alright, ty
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    Accepted Ban Appeal - 50PercentOff

    Member Name 50PercentOff Ban appeals are for when we have made a mistake, or there has been a significant change in the circumstances. These are the only reasons a ban appeal would be accepted. Appeals for "apologies" or just admitting you did wrong will be instantly denied. In Game Name...
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    Eden Faction Recruitment

    Ingame Name: 50PercentOff Age: 18 Time Zone: Eastern Drug Rank: P1 Kingpin Online Time (/ot): 604hr Do you have discord: Yes Is this your first map on MC-Drugs (if no, please specify): No, I played back in 2018 for a little bit. Previous Factions: GoldClan, Trapstars, AnimeBodyPillows...
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    Proxima Faction Recruitment

    IGN: 50PercentOff Preferred Name:Uh 50 or sumthin Age:18 Drug Rank:Idk but im the most active helper Time Zone:EST Online Time:Idk like 600 hours Your Discord:50Minion#5425 Have you been with other Factions:ye Is this your first map on MCD:nah What can you offer Proxima:idk im pretty...
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    Hello all!

    Hello, Nice to meet you and welcome to the server!
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    TheCartel Faction Recruitmemt

    Insert application here
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    Important MCDrugs 4v4 PvP Tournament

    No point of me joining cuz id instantly win :)
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    Disable Withers

    Tbh, Insiders was only withered so quickly because my only goal was to make the base unusable, seeing as when I cannoned it before it was patched. Usually that wouldn’t happen from what I have seen, but I could be wrong seeing as I wasn’t really big in the raiding scene until I withered it.
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    Regain Old Rank?

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    Gold Clan Faction Recruitment

    ACCEPTED. I will invite you soon.
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    Gold Clan Faction Recruitment

    ACCEPTED. I will invite you.
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    Gold Clan Faction Recruitment

    ACCEPTED I will invite you when I see you on