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    add me on instagram :]
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    Ban Appeal

    Please post your ban appeal under the ban appeal thread linked below, and follow the ban appeal format provided in the pinned thread.
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    Cant connect

    This issue can be easily fixed by closing and re-launching your Minecraft
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    Defiance Recruitment

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    Denied Ban Appeal - Minipigre

    Appeal Denied The clip that I have shows that you were not constantly breaking the block, which should be what happens if your key magically loops when you crash; instead, you were seen left-clicking at an interval pace, which resembles very closely to an auto-clicker. Please return to the...
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    the green cave

    looking good!
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    i like how this thread is named friends yet you kicked me out of the ss :[
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    Disable Withers

    this is actually a pretty good solution imo, but yeah the cons overweigh the pros so it's still kinda iffy
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    an's official meme archives

    melon mondays
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    an's official meme archives

    yay its friday
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    an's official meme archives

    here are some memes referring to the start of the map :]
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    an's official meme archives

    like how every marriage should be :]
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    an's official meme archives

    ok so i have made an mcd meme page, and would be posting daily (or i'll try to). anyways here are a few i made today in chem class :]
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    Boomer MCD Memes

    it do be like dat at 5am doe
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    Boomer MCD Memes