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    Tag Suggestions

    why the nazi one tho
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    Tag Suggestions

    maybe a spanish drug cartel event? where you can win special tags: ----------------- [Halcone] spanish for falcon, Considered the "eyes and ears" of the streets, the "falcons" are the lowest rank in any drug cartel ----------------- [Sicario] spanish for hitman, The armed group within the drug...
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    zetsu just quit

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    What is your IGN(Ingame Name)? Zombiecal Do you have skype/discord/teamspeak? (we mainly use skype): skype How long have you been playing? 1 month What is your rank(drug/donor)? trafficker What factions were you in before? russia What are you good at? ex. Building, PVP, etc... building, pvp...
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    The Current State of Police in MCD

    What about a point system for catching criminal. Ur name would appear like this in chat: Faction.rank.(e.g. amazing cop) .name ±1-25crim= newbie ±26-40rims=ok cop ±41-75crims= good cop ±76-125crims= awesome cop ±126-250crims= crazy cop 251+= you get a donut So the police get rewarded more