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    Exile Recruitment

    Ingame Name: Coplix Age: 16 Where Are You From: U.K Drug Rank: Grower Donator Rank: None Online Time (/ot): 31 hrs Previous Factions(if any): N/A Reasons you left (if any):N/A What do you prefer spending time doing on MCdrugs; (PvPing, farming, fishing, building, tunneling, cannoning): On...
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    Revenant Recruitment

    Ok sure
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    Revenant Recruitment

    In-Game name: Coplix Age: 16 Drug Rank / Cop Rank: Drug Rank - Grower Cop Rank - Cadet Donor Rank: N/A Online time? (type /ot in game): 30 hrs Discord?: Coplix#5062 Timezone?: GMT How often do you play?: 1-3 hrs everyday What other factions have you been in this map if any: I have been i no...