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    Delirium Recruitment

    Accepted! We are looking forward to getting to know you and see our faction grow! Welcome to the faction, message Darylpie_ or Pengundud10 to get an invite to the faction/Discord
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    Delirium Recruitment

    Delirium Faction Recruitment! A Short Introduction: Our faction was created this map by both DarylPie_ And Pengundud10. Currently we are mainly focused in farm but are branching out into wild. That being said, we're also good at raiding when it should arise. Currently, we're in great need for...
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    Event- PvP Tournament

    Darylpie_ Eh?
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    Player Report: _Tyer

    Your IGN : daryl_pie Player to be reported : _Tyer Player being reported Rank : Unknown Describe your issue in detail : He is unable to be pushed off into the void in lobby, but is able to be pushed so long as he doesn't drop a level, As one could see in the video I provided, this was exclusive...
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    Valhalla Recruitment [Closed]

    In-Game name: daryl_pie Age: 19 Drug Rank / Cop Rank: Prestige 2 drugbaron Donor Rank: MVP++ Online time? (type /ot in game): 746hrs 52min Discord/Teamspeak?: both Timezone?: Central Daylight time How often do you play?: A lot more than I probably should! What other factions have you been in...