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    Accepted Ban Appeal - GhostByDay

    Username: In-Game Name: GhostByDay Reason for ban Alt of banned player Length of ban: Perm Place of ban (e.g. in-game, Discord, TS3, etc.) Minecraft Staff who banned you Nova Did any other staff deal with you before you were banned? Yes Please specify their names I forget...
  2. GhostByDay

    axe and shields.

    i believe adding some crate items for axes may make PVP more diverse even if MCMMO is disabled on it. axes do have their advantages, being able to destroy armour, and break shields while doing more damage. maybe adding some custom enchants that are exclusive to axes as crate items may make pvp...
  3. GhostByDay

    axe and shields.

    I am wondering why there is no Axe or shields PVP. I think it adds a layer of strategy on when to use which item. I'm sure there is a logical explanation on why it is non existent on the server, but I've been thinking about it for a while and can't seem to figure it out. anyone that knows or...
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    Valhalla Faction Recruitment

    Accepted! Welcome to Valhalla. we will invite you to both FarmA and the Wild faction and we will mail you the discord link :)
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    Farmers Boots

    Simple enchantment to go on boots. allows players to not trample farm land when sprint jumping. useful for large farms for quick transport between chests. can be put into the armour crate or something.
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    Valhalla Faction Recruitment

    Valhalla Valhalla is the next up and coming faction. We have goals for Drug Lord and want to have new players be able to join a big faction. We treat our players as equals and work as part of a team rather than a hierarchy. We will allow our players to claim their bases and vaults and will be...
  7. GhostByDay

    Booster Crate.

    I had a simple idea today of adding a crate to the server that would be strictly for boosters. in this crate you could win specific boosters, random boosters, and all boosters of different percentages and times. this crate key could be sold on the website as well as be won in things like the...
  8. GhostByDay

    travelling dealer idea.

    I believe having the Travelling Dealer sell at the same price as the prison discourages players from using it at all. i understand the prison is dangerous for PVP but a simple invis pot practically solves that problem, let alone the full netherite's that come to the rescues as soon as a drug...