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    Ban Appeal

    There is more than one type of log. In fact there are many different logs for servers depending on the plug-ins installed. Some logs are in fact the actual purpose of the plug-in. The plug-ins make some logs accessible through the in-game chat. They can look up all manner of neat stuff like what...
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    News 2021 Spring Update

    Why you gotta play with my emotions like that :(
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    ‘Ban Appeal’ Suggestion

    Paying cash money just to regain access to a Minecraft server you literally just got banned from, for fucking up somehow, is hands-down N.S. one of the sweatiest things someone could achieve. Especially since they do a ban reset along with the map reset every spring. So long as you aren't...
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    Всем привет

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    permanently banned

    Vous devrez publier un appel formel en utilisant le modèle d'appel d'interdiction fourni dans le fil épinglé en haut de ce sous-forum. Ils ne répondront pas aux appels informels sauf pour les refuser et vous dire d'utiliser le modèle.
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    OhChit Faction Application[Closed]

    In-Game name: MrFragtastic Age: Old AF Drug Rank / Cop Rank: Mass Producer (tad behind in ranking up this season) Donor Rank: MVP Online time? (type /ot in game): 1,190 hrs. & 55 min. Discord: MrFragtastic#0556 Timezone?: CST How often do you play?: Steady in normal times, but...
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    Stuck between maps?

    If that doesn't work, or Staff hasn't been able to get to it yet, post the crash log so we can see where the error is occurring that's freezing your game and causing you to time out.
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    Stuck between maps?

    If you haven't already, try logging on with a vanilla 1.13.2 profile and default resource pack.
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    Return MCMMO to PVP

    "Mcmmo is one of the foundational aspects of factions, pvp, and online servers in general." -Yes and no. Though used on most factions servers, it is almost always heavily nerfed via the config file. The configuration used is either a product of 100's of hours of testing, a lot of prior...
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    TP Trapping

    The above example is a dumpster fire on a good day, but it brings to light multiple important issues at an opportune time.
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    Event- PvP Tournament

    All items will be provided for the event and your inventory will be the following; Armour - Prot 4 Unbreaking 3 Sword Sharp 5 Unbreaking 3 Potions- 4x Splash Speed 2 (1;30) 4x Splash Strength 2 (1;30) 1x Health Boost 1 (2;15) 1x Regeneration 1 (1;30) 1x Weakness (4;00) 1x Poison (1;30) 23...
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    Event- PvP Tournament

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    Increase the maximum Super Breaker time

    The increases using the super breaker ability gives to the double drop ability while activated (triple the chance of a double drop, or triple drops if the double drops ability is at 100%) is what I believe to be the primary use of super breaker when at high/max mcmmo mining levels. Using a silk...
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    2Tall's Introduction

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    Valhalla Recruitment [Closed]

    In-Game name: MrFragtastic Age: wtf I am still playing Minecraft old Drug Rank: Mass Producer Donor Rank: VIP+ Online time? (type /ot in game): 311h 4min Discord/Teamspeak?: Both Timezone?: US Central How often do you play?: Very What other factions have you been in this map: none What...