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    Revenant Recruitment

    In-Game name: notjohnuwu Age:19 Drug Rank / Cop Rank: kingpin Donor Rank: none Online time? (type /ot in game): 106 hours 31 minutes Discord?: notjohn#1345 I'm active in both vc and chat. Can vc whenever. Timezone?: Mountain Standard Time How often do you play?: Everyday for 2-6 hours. What...
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    Aegis Faction Recruitment

    Ingame Name: notjohnuwu Age: 19 Drug Rank: Kingpin Donator Rank: none Online Time (/ot): 102 hours 52 minutes Previous Factions: none Reasons you left: none Qualities that you feel benefit us: Don't mind converting sugar cane. Decent at muling and can help in every aspect if needed...