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    My Final Farewell

    TaStY: You guys are also gods at PVP <- lol Jokes aside best of luck in life Shady, hope to see you again someday, glad you enjoyed many hours on the server.
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    Balancing Unarmed

    First off unarmed isn't on mcd because of 1.9 pvp and fist having no cooldown, so you can spam click and do more damage then most other weapons. Secondly, if you don't want to get disarmed simply level unarmed to counter it, if people want to put in the time to level something to have an...
  3. OGDaddy

    Valid Report Sky731

    Spoke to reported user about this and came to conclusion that report is valid and the user has been banned
  4. OGDaddy

    Let's even the playing field.

    There is a way implemented currently for unique enchants, if you go to the enchant shop directly out of spawn you can buy custom enchant books for xp, its meant to be harder to get so the best enchants you can get will cost like 120 levels of xp but common ones are 60 levels.
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    Let's even the playing field.

    Thank you for your suggestions Matt, when we were developing rush we wanted to add a sort of mob boss plugin into rush and we are still in the works of doing it, it takes us a lot of time to configure it, work out the kinks, get it balanced for rush. As far as the armor goes we spent hours...
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    Denied Ban Appeal - unspokenAdvocate

    Hello unspoken, I've been keeping an eye on stuff from afar since the last incident that happened which happened a few months back. I understand where you're coming from with the spawner crate keys and everything but you have to look from our perspective. 2 out of 4 homes on rush were either a...
  7. OGDaddy

    Accepted Ban Appeal - sky

    Appeal accepted on the count of inconclusive evidence.
  8. OGDaddy

    Denied Ban Appeal - Jeesssicaa

    You spammed drugs which flooded chat. It came up in chat that you OD'd on drugs 8 times in the matter of 10~ seconds causing you to be kicked by kidcar. You came back and was told not to do it again then proceeded to do it 2 more times. You then stated that if you didnt want it to spam tell our...
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    News Sad Hello. gotedit's resignation

    Over the years, I've seen many people join and try to become staff. I remember when you joined and watched you work your way up(Even if I was M.I.A. for some bits of it). You've been an overall excellent addition to the family, and it has been a pleasure to work with you. I wish you the best of...
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    Coming Very Soon.

    ADmIn UrGeNcY1!!!!!1 11 1!!!! 1! !1 ! ! ExPlAiN!1!
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    Coming Soon.

    hehe xD
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    MCMMO Axes

    Milk is only coded to remove default effects in minecraft. Therefore an outside plugin such as the custom enchants aren't affected
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    MCMMO Axes

    Little is right after 750 the only 0ther thing you get is more armor shred. The way axes were pre nerf was completely broken and made pvp not enjoyable for most people. The nerf is to everyone to make pvp more balanced.
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    Denied Ban Appeal - RealityKingZ

    After everything you've done and said. I spoke to noodles appeal denied. There is no bias when handling appeals, you have plenty of history disrespecting players and admins.
  15. OGDaddy

    Denied Ban Appeal - Thairon_

    Appeal denied. You're obviously being disrespectful and toxic.