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    Important Nick names & Past Donations

    IGN: AnaIBeads Rank: VIP+
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    Bought VIP Plus with Points last map

    Username: AnaIBeads Upgraded from VIP to VIP plus with points. Didn't bother to get it until now. Any way I can still get the rank?
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    Shortened Ban Appeal - Sick

    Member Name Sick Ban appeals are for when we have made a mistake, or there has been a significant change in the circumstances. These are the only reasons a ban appeal would be accepted. Appeals for "apologies" or just admitting you did wrong will be instantly denied. In Game Name: AnaIBeads...
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    Important Creative Server Ranks

    Name: AnaIBeads Nickname: &6AnaI
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    /swat improvements

    It is very hard to take on people in prison with the basic swat armor. Me and lots of the other cops feel like it would be a better experience if we could have better armor. I mean we're police! We should be able to stand a chance against lots of people pvping.
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    Prison Suggestions

    I understand that the prison is a PVP spot, but it feels like it is being abused. There could be 4 people that are friends that all help one person drug run, and that isn't fair to other people and cops. I feel that there should be a different rule change inside of the prison, because it all...
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    Couple new warps.

    Maybe there could be some way to prevent that? idk
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    Couple new warps.

    After playing on this server for a few months, it really pisses me off that no one knows where the playershops and the regular shops are. It is a pain guiding them there. Could there be a /warp shop and /warp playershop ? Please, it would help a lot.
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    Denied banned

    Nigga stop you just appealed
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    A fluctuating drug market

    This sounds like a pretty interesting idea... this should be looked at. I don't agree with them lowering the drug prices so much and this would make farming so much different.
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    Shortened lmaoo ban appeal

    Got it jrd <3
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    Shortened lmaoo ban appeal

    In Game Name : AnaI Length of Ban : perm Nature of ban(ie, mine craft temp banned or TS3 perm ban) : plug dj Staff who banned you : dont know Staff who dealt with you : dont know Staff who have warned you previously : none Reason for ban on record : verbal abuse or offensive language Why do you...
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    A Small Suggestion for the Police

    I am not a cop as of right now, but when I was one, I got really pissed when I arrested someone with kit/starter drugs. We were not able to sell them, therefore they were useless and a waste of inventory space. I think cops should be able to sell the kit/starter drugs, or at least be able to...
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    Unclaimed stuff getting Xrayed suggestions

    Guys, it really pisses me off to see that there are people who xray on this server. It sadly can't be stopped, because the hackers will always find a way around everything. I just got xrayed, and now people have probably sethome inside of my farm and I have no way to get them out. The staff...
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    Its ya boi Tyrone

    Yo my nigga Tyrone, welcome. Real niggas like you will go far here.