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    hello! it is I! i am thek ing of mc drugs and as u know been on hiatus (coronavirus took my kids, prey for them please) (my cat has also suffered frm FIV due to questionalew reasons) how eber i have heard that a reset will be happening soond!!!!! i will come back accompanied by my GAY prince...
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    MCDrugs 2020 Reset Announcement

    yes yes!!! this is honestly such a great thread i love the detail as it is so emaculate. i love how you wrap everything togethjer dakot <333 but anyways im rly excited for this reset even though im on hiatus (ik the KING of mc drugs on hiatus isnt good) i am currently battling the black plague...
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    News MCD - March/April, our plan:

    very excited for tjhe new chanegs in the sever! i reallt appriciate all the staff team does to keep the server enriched! similar how a good gang leader enriches his hang members. i love all you do cant wait <3
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    a great victory for the king of mc drugs

    hey shooters!!!!!! whats up gang, i am thek ing of mc drugs and i just made a great victory. so lately ive been getting itno a tussle with the boy glucose daddy yk (hes trying to dethrone me but its not working). hes a BITCH tbh and doESNT KNOW HIS FUCKING PLACE gang gang #300, i dont fuck with...
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    we go way back man, i remember when we were wee little kids on the block in the middle of detroit, you were always better at basket ball then me and at times i did feel bad but u were nice to me, ur mom made the best cassorole and at the end of the day WE FUCKING SMOKED PEOPLE on the court like...
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    The KING of mc drugs

    HELLO! I am sprince the new king of mc drugs , i am 11 and i will take over the server ! dont fuck with me #300 gang gang. i am 11 and in an actual gang so even think about exposing me or ill expose ur body to acid. everyone calls me the king or you can call me sprince but king is better. ill be...