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    Hi, could I please get my MVP++ rank back? IGN is Tayy__ Used to be mod hehe
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    Thanks to everyone for the great comments!! <3<3
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    Maybe I should ignore you just so you'll come to Canada ;) Lol
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    You have me on snap, dc & texting dude
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    Hey everyone. After being a staff member for almost a year, it's time for me to resign. Lately I haven't been playing as much because I have been working & focusing on music. This is my goodbye! MCDrugs has been a fun experience for me. It was the only server I really played on. I met a lot of...
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    Gift of Giving Redemption

    Username: Tayy__ 26 gift of givings in total Rewards Selected: 25 Gifts: 2x legacy crate keys 1 Gift: 2x points
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    Bye tasty! I'll miss seeing you online! <3 you man. :p Be safe during the hurricane!!!! Don't forget to snap us! xd Good luck!
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    Tag Suggestions

    Very much like the flower power one
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    Accepted Ban Appeal - Mr_Panhead

    Sorry for the false ban man, my mistake.
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    My Final Farewell

    I will never forget you, shady! :p I'll miss you & good luck!
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    News Sad Hello. gotedit's resignation

    Cya around edit! You were a great admin! ;)
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    p0six vs 05Waller [RAP BATTLE]

    LOL nice
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    MCDrugs Purge - Day 2

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    These i couldn't upload....
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