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    OhChit Faction Application[Closed]

    In-Game name: xThunderBlock Age: 18 Drug Rank / Cop Rank: massProducer Donor Rank: none Online time? (type /ot in game): 15 hours Discord: vasilys#8274 Timezone?: EET - EasternEuropean How often do you play?: 5-8 hours/day but if asked i can more What other factions have you been in this map...
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    Eden Faction Recruitment

    Ingame Name: xThunderblock Age: 18 Time Zone: EET-EasternEuropean Drug Rank: massProducer Online Time (/ot): 15 hours Do you have discord: vasilys#8274 Is this your first map on MC-Drugs (if no, please specify): i've been playing on and off the server since 2017 with a timeout at 2019...
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    TheCartel Faction Recruitmemt

    IGN: xThunderBlock Age: 18 Time Zone: EET-EAsterneuropean Drug/Cop Rank: massproducer Donator Rank: none Online Time (/ot): 11 hours Discord:vasilys#8274 Previous Factions: none How often do you play: fairly often i'd say 5-8 hourse/day Rate your pvp skills(1.9 pvp) (1-10): 7 if there is no cd...
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    TrapStars Faction Recruitment

    In-game Name: xThunderBlock Discord Name: vasilys#8274 Age: 18 Drug Rank: mule Donator Rank: none Online Time (/ot): 13 hours Active in vc/discord?: sometimes 3-4hours/day Previous Factions: none ( well i started this server since 2017 on and off ) Reasons you left: - What skills do you bring to...