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$100,000,000+ 2020 Holiday Raffle


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Hello everyone,

I've been planning on organizing a large giveaway and can't think of a better time to do it. The prize pool contains a value of around $100,000,000 which will be split across entries. Please view details below and information on how you can enter.

You can purchase as many entries as you would like to, but please take caution and view the way that entries will apply to certain rewards.

High-Tiered Rewards
For the rewards listed below, no matter how many tickets you own, each person will only be entered to win each reward once. If you win a high-tiered reward, you may not win another.
- $25,000,000 In-Game Currency
- Permanent MVP++ Rank
- 12 Hours of Pit Time

Mid-Tiered Rewards
All of your raffle entries are applicable to this tier. However, if you win a reward, you will not be allowed to win another mid-tiered reward.

- $10,000,000 In-Game Currency
- $5,000,000 In-Game Currency
- Permanent MVP Rank
- 32 of any crate keys

Low-Tiered Rewards
All of your raffle entries are applicable to this tier. You may win an unlimited amount of items/currency listed below.

- $2,500,000 In-Game Currency (x4)
- 1 Hour of Pit (x6)

Each tier is completely separate. Winning in one will not disqualify you from another.

Raffle entries are available at Shop E12. Please message me to trade over your tickets at any time and I will write you down on my list of entries - this list will be posted during the live stream to ensure that everyone has received the entries that they purchased.

To guarantee an unbiased result on each of the draws, the event will be live-streamed in the MCD discord and will be available for anyone to watch. This live stream will occur at 6 PM server time (EST) on December 24th.

If you would like to sponsor anything to the event (you will receive credit and a short advertisement), please DM me on discord: Gavin#1234. If you have any other questions, you can reach me in-game or on discord if I am not online.

The number of entries that any player may own will remain undisclosed until the time of the raffle.
This post will continue to be updated as the prize pool grows. Please check back regularly to see newly added rewards.

All raffle entries are original books. If you attempt to trade in copies of originals, you will be disqualified from the event. Each book has been hand-written.

Wishing everyone a happy holidays and some nice time off after a long year.
Thank you,
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