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a great victory for the king of mc drugs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sprince__, Mar 19, 2020.

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  1. Sprince__

    Sprince__ New Member

    hey shooters!!!!!!

    whats up gang, i am thek ing of mc drugs and i just made a great victory. so lately ive been getting itno a tussle with the boy glucose daddy yk (hes trying to dethrone me but its not working). hes a BITCH tbh and doESNT KNOW HIS FUCKING PLACE gang gang #300, i dont fuck with him but you know some subjects u just dont like.

    well anywys, i asked him a question today and u will not believe what happened, HE CALLED EM THE KING! yep thats right boys that ONE sprince and FAT ZERO glucose. what can i say, im basically the best drug man to ever live

    you might be asking the king of mc drugs, : where is the proof?

    well its in the pudding folks! here you are https://gyazo.com/bcdb048c172900e315e1213b62c8b98e

    gang gang shit #300 lets get it rip kobe free tay k
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  2. GlucoseDaddy

    GlucoseDaddy Helper Helper MVP

    Can I see your medical report confirming the existence of STDs? Thanks.
  3. Lurnn

    Lurnn Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++ PvP Tournament Winner

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