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A Suggestion For a New Pit System

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Netflix_Is_Life, Dec 28, 2018.


Is this a good idea for a new pit system?

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  1. Netflix_Is_Life

    Netflix_Is_Life New Member

    So after spending a couple hours in the pit, I've noticed something. People aren't rewarded based on how much damage they do to the boss. They are rewarded for sitting in the back shooting arrows and then rushing in last minute to try and get the boss soul or fragments. Now I feel that this is somewhat unfair because towards the end there are many mobs spawned in by the boss and it's almost impossible for players to get in for the boss soul. So I propose that the pit be reworked by simply adding in a system where players are rewarded on how much damage they do and they are ranked by how much damage they do. So per se, 1st place gets a boss soul. Second place gets 2 fragments and 3rd place gets 1 fragment. Now granted this is for the hard section of the pit. In the easier side of the pit, 1st would get 3 frags, 2nd would get 2 and 3rd would get 1. I feel that this would be more balanced of a system because otherwise, players can't get boss souls. The system should be how much you tried to take down the boss, not who rushed in last second to finish it off.

    Thx :)
  2. GeneralFroggy

    GeneralFroggy New Member

    I disagree. Often time it is the person using the gun and the bow who does most of the damage. If I am camping on the top of the pit while sniping the bosses in the chasm, I do not think I deserve more than him. I also think that rushing toward the boss at the end also makes the pit harder. If we just all snipe the mobs from afar, no one will die and it won't be as fun.

    Also, you say that it is impossible for players to get in for the boss souls, I think people still pick it up. It is not like the boss souls disappear after one second or two. It is about bringing good armor and enough resources to stay alive even if you are getting hit on all sides.
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