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Invalid admin abuse of power

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Sorry to keep flogging this dead donkey, but I’m putting a final end to this, and to prevent any more in the future. We have given a clear response to your appeal - which was outlined, four years ago - that it was permanent and would never be lifted. This following thread does nothing, but to show how utterly and completely useless you are at understanding this situation. Us being privately operated...etc, isn't anything to do with why this has happened. You were given not just ample opportunity, but way more than most other blacklists ever were - to explain yourself, and you have us an appeal written in seconds.

We don't "Just blacklist people" people we feel like it. They are the single most harsh punishment we ever offer. Each and every blacklist required a player to viciously personally attack high staff, destroy server ecosystems or show an utter disrespect for what is expected of a decent human being interacting with another person, with just the most basic concept of empathy. The only ones we have ever lifted were issued during the few years where critical new movies were coming out which players were saying spoilers on purpose to ruin years of anticipation for players. Like I said, we have a completely public ban record, ban appeals, and have always strived to offer a fair and reliable environment to enjoy. Your claims of corruption aren’t insulting, it just makes you look like an idiot - when you can publicly view every interaction we have ever had online about our bans.

I went out of my way to privately message you about your appeal, because is was absolutely worthless, vague and included no details, I’ve engaged nearly ten people discussing your situation and yet you are still just as obnoxiously rude and ignorant as ever.

Had you come and spoken to a single one of us with any kind of remorse, growth and sincere apology - there would have been at least an internal meeting with our top staff. Instead, you have acted like a petulant child, again.Your appeal was manipulative, fictitious, most questions answered in single sentences or less. All you have managed to achieve is to justify how, even after four years, we made the absolutely appropriate call - which undoubtedly benefited the entire community.

You are not wasting anymore of our staff's time.
You're not, and will never be welcome back on MCDrugs.

You are acting like you're entitled to something here - you aren't.
Our server has been around for almost a decade, being headed by the same two owners and a majority of similar high staff. Our reputation for dealing with appeals is absolutely unparalleled in servers like these. We hold ourselves accountable, and the community can always act in a similar fashion, and often has. We don’t run behind closed doors, and value feedback more than any server I have ever come across in the past ten years.

Do not waste your time on our website again.
You aren’t welcome.

This is the last that this matter - specifically your, and secondly, blacklist appeals in general aren’t going to tolerated ever again.
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