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Aegis Faction Recruitment

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by 14Squared, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. 14Squared

    14Squared Admin Staff Member Admin MVP+

    Aegis Faction Recruitment

    There is no set time as to when these will be reviewed, please be patient.

    Some Info:

    · We created our Faction in 2016 and 3 of the 5 original member are still active in the Faction today. We are one of the few Factions to have lasted multiple years on the server

    · Many players from our Faction have gone on to become big players on the server after getting the starter boost from Aegis, GlucoseDaddy is an example that comes to mind

    · Currently, Aegis has the 3rd and 4th highest ranked players on the server

    · Aegis is now mainly a farming Faction, we only have a Faction on the farm world

    · We have a trusted farm, which you’d gain access to use by talking to us via discord often, however we are planning a regular member farm for those who have just joined


    These are just guidelines, some may be overlooked and it is up to the discretion of the Faction.

    · We would like you to have at least 30 hours of /ot

    · We would like you to be at least Grower rank

    · We would like you to not have an extensive /history

    · We would like to have not seen you being excessively toxic in chat


    Ingame Name:


    Drug Rank:

    Donator Rank:

    Online Time (/ot):

    Previous Factions:

    Reasons you left:

    Qualities that you feel benefit us:

    Why we should accept you over others:

    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
  2. Dragon525

    Dragon525 New Member

    Ingame Name: dragonpister

    Age: 19

    Drug Rank: Chemist

    Donator Rank: MVP

    Online Time (/ot): 162 hours

    Previous Factions: Vertigo

    Qualities that you feel benefit us: I love building/harvesting farms and I'm always willing to help with projects.

    Why we should accept you over others: I'll do the tedious tasks that others may not want to do
  3. Freshbbq

    Freshbbq Guest

    Ingame Name: turns7

    Age: 14

    Drug Rank: Producer

    Donator Rank: N/A

    Online Time (/ot): 90hrs

    Previous Factions: Only my own

    Qualities that you feel benefit us: Can afk farms a lot. Lot's of time spent on discord. Freshbbq is my username on discord. I can do some base building and I know how to make auto cactus and sugar farms.

    Why we should accept you over others: I have discord, can spend lot's of time online, not a jerk, and I'll do my best to learn
  4. PiggyJingles

    PiggyJingles Guest

    Ingame name: PiggyJingles
    Age: Old enough. I'm not going to give out my age to someone who I've never met before online.
    Drug Rank: Grower
    Donator Rank: None
    Online time: 34 hours
    Previous Factions: Saucy Lads and Starter
    Qualities that you feel benefit us: I am one of the top mules so I could transport the drugs, I can do tedious planting that no one wants to do, and I am good at Redstone stuff.
    Why we should accept you over others: My relentless dedication.
  5. Prankishgrunt

    Prankishgrunt New Member

    Ingame Name: Prankishgrunt


    Drug Rank: Grower

    Donator Rank:none

    Online Time (/ot):68h

    Previous Factions:ttv

    Qualities that you feel benefit us: Heavy farmer lots of farming lots

    Why we should accept you over others: I farm a lot im not toxic and im only stupid 20% of the time
  6. Green_Energy5369

    Green_Energy5369 New Member

    Ingame Name: Green_Energy5369

    Age: 20

    Drug Rank: Chief

    Donator Rank: N/A

    Online Time (/ot): 40HR

    Previous Factions: DrugCity

    Qualities that you feel benefit us: The qualities I feel that I can benefit the faction by afk'ing farms. I am very active on both the server and discord so that would give me the ability to be very helpful to any task or path the faction takes for years down the road. I can help plan/sketch out new ideas for new builds, farms, etc.

    Why we should accept you over others: I have some skills in building and I am a great worker and people person. If I commit to a build I will try to finish it. I believe you should choose me because even if the other applicants have the same amount or even better skills then me I can contribute a lot of Effort into making the faction a fun time for everyone and possibly even better ;). I could contribute to either building or even helping raid. I am a fair player on MC-Drugs I am always helping out new players with any questions they have and such.
  7. MilkyBag

    MilkyBag Mod Moderator VIP+

    Dragonpister: On Hold
    Turns7: Denied
    PiggyJingles: Denied
    PrankishGrunt: Denied
    Green_Energy5369: Accepted
  8. Jigadrin

    Jigadrin New Member

    Ingame Name: Jigadrin

    Age: 16

    Drug Rank: MassProducer

    Donator Rank: N/A

    Online Time (/ot): 20 hrs on current server 100+ on old plan on grinding again

    Previous Factions: OhChit

    Qualities that you feel benefit us: Looking to grind and can be helpful in building farms and really good at pvp

    Why we should accept you over others: I am trust worthy and have time and dedication to add to this faction
  9. Ved

    Ved New Member

    Ingame Name: ved

    Age: 18

    Drug Rank: Grower

    Donator Rank: VIP

    Online Time (/ot): 33

    Previous Factions: TheEmpire

    Reasons you left: The Faction was extremely inactive, no discord server and very unfriendly faction members. The owner is never online, and the farm is small for the whole faction.

    Qualities that you feel benefit us: To start, I'm very active. Most of the times, I'll be online and active rather than being AFK. I can sit around farms and just grind without much complaining or distractions. I'm an exceptional PvPer. I'm pretty good with cannons and raiding in general, and I can be helpful during certain situations. I'm easy to talk to, and other faction members would appreciate my humours :) I'm also a very good mule, I have a 100% Success rate, so I can mass mule any of your drugs really.

    Why we should accept you over others: I'm very active, and I interact a lot. I want to join a community which is friendly and can help me grow In-Game, financially and knowledge wise too. I can do many jobs without complaining, and for sure will be beneficial for the faction. I'm extremely friendly, and won't cause issues or drama within the server. I've been playing Minecraft since 2013, and have been playing factions consistently since then, I have a huge amount of knowledge in general factions and Minecraft itself. I'm a hard-worker, but I also like to have fun. And I believe this faction can give me that experience.
  10. Miss_Leon

    Miss_Leon Member

    Ingame Name: Miss_Leon

    Age: 17

    Drug Rank: N/A as I'm a Corporal

    Donator Rank: MVP

    Online Time (/ot): 220hr 12min

    Previous Factions: Crip

    Reasons you left: No-one was active

    Qualities that you feel benefit us: I have power in the farm world for your faction

    Why we should accept you over others: I'm a kind active player and will do jobs such as repairing the base and help make farms in which u need. I do like building (I'm not original but do copy other builds extremely well) I do like to help other players when i can.
  11. MilkyBag

    MilkyBag Mod Moderator VIP+

    On Hold
  12. MilkyBag

    MilkyBag Mod Moderator VIP+

  13. MilkyBag

    MilkyBag Mod Moderator VIP+

  14. queethan

    queethan New Member

    Ingame Name: queethan

    Age: 14

    Drug Rank: Grower (Looking to rank up even higher, just mainly focusing on my farm to get more money.)

    Donator Rank: None (Looking to get one eventually when I'm fully set up.)

    Online Time (/ot): 113 hours. Constantly getting more playing time.

    Previous Factions: Mostly unknown factions but I've had lots of experience in farming and grinding on other servers (Mostly Sky Block, Factions, etc.)

    Reasons you left: I left these previous factions because I found out that none of them were really active on the server. They were offline for multiple days at a time, and when they were on they never spoke in discord or even talked in chat. I just felt like I was the only person doing anything productive in the faction. That's why I'm applying for Aegis in hopes that things will be different.

    Qualities that you feel benefit us: I feel I have a lot of qualities that would benefit you. I have tons of hours on the server that I've spent farming, making money, ranking up, and muling. I'm currently the #3 mule on the server looking to become #2, this is another quality that I feel will benefit the faction. I can also do base work, I have a lot of prior experience in this category because of past experience playing factions. I'm also willing to do just about anything (that won't get me banned of course.) The last quality I can bring to this faction is just being a nice guy, I'm rarely rude in chat and when I am I'm joking around with friends.

    Why we should accept you over others: I think you should accept my application because I'm a really good MC-Drugs player. I'm constantly farming and muling and making money. I'm also not a complete dumb ass like some people on the server. I can also dedicate a lot of time to the faction and can make farms, donations, and many other

    My discord username is:


    Thank you for all your time,

    Sincerely, queethan
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
  15. Jigadrin

    Jigadrin New Member

    on hold ?
  16. 14Squared

    14Squared Admin Staff Member Admin MVP+

    Meaning we will wait a few days then make a decision
  17. Jigadrin

    Jigadrin New Member

    oh alright
  18. augumon181

    augumon181 Guest

    Ingame Name: augumon181

    Age: 12

    Drug Rank: mule

    Donator Rank: none

    Online Time (/ot): 1:30 minutes

    Previous Factions: none

    Reasons you left: none

    Qualities that you feel benefit us: I am good at mining, and can be used as storage

    Why we should accept you over others:
  19. Fozy

    Fozy Guest

    Ingame Name: Fozy

    Age: 15

    Drug rank: Chemist

    Donator Rank: MVP - non-legacy idk if that counts or whatnot

    OT: 80 hrs

    Previous fac: Just my own titled "rip"

    Reasons you left: to join a different faction no other reasons considering I owned it

    Qualities to benefit aegis: I've been playing factions for 4 years+ on other servers and know how everything works on here because I played it for a few months last season, good at pvp even thou I normally play 1.8 pvp, can build fairly nice farms, and can be online quite a lot.

    Why should we accept you over others: first because of the "qualities" I before listed, second because I have lots of experience in factions although this is quite different than typical faction servers however most are unique in a few ways at least.
  20. AmazingBuffalo

    AmazingBuffalo New Member VIP

    Ingame Name: AmazingBuffalo

    Age: 20

    Drug Rank: Prestige 2 Junky

    Donator Rank: MVP+

    Online Time (/ot): 646 hours

    Previous Factions: Crip, Vertigo

    Reasons you left: Inactive and nothing to do besides pvp

    Qualities that you feel benefit us: I'm obviously a good grinder and have dedicated a lot of time to this server, fairly familiar with its ins and outs and the player base. To add to that I am a minecraft veteran playing since release and am very experienced with the games mechanics.

    Why we should accept you over others: I've got a bit of a relationship with some of the other members this map, and spent the first month of the map doing a lot of raiding with TheGrifter, 14Squared and MilkyBag, I am in the top 1% of players in terms of rank and online time, and I think that clearly proves skill and dedication.

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