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Alcatraz Recruitment


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In game name : ItsDrifty123

Timezone : CEST

ingame Rank : MassProducer

Server Time (/ot) : 241h

Discord Name : ChickenNoodle#6861

Old Faction : Insiders, Traplords

(if you do have an old faction) Reason you left : Reset, Inactive fac

Out of the 5 skills stated in the requirements which one would you say your good at (can be more then 1) : Farming, dont have a life, avarage at pvp,

What do you expect from the faction ( Vault, Farms, Nice People etc.) : BLUEBOI!!!!


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Updated recruitment page for Alcatraz!


If you don't meet the requirements, don't hesitate to apply as you will still be considered.

-We would like you to have at least 40 hours of online time. Use /ot to check.

-We would like you to be at least Dealer rank.

-Having Discord is a requirement as it is one of our main channels of communication.

-Be 16 years or older

-Do not have any adverse reactions with players from FCS and EDEN. THIS IS A MUST.


Please fill out this template upon applying to ALCATRAZ and it will be reviewed by myself as soon as possible.

Ingame Name:


Time Zone:

Drug Rank:

Online Time (/ot):

Do you have discord (if so what is it):

Is this your first map on MC-Drugs (if no, please specify):

Previous Factions:

Reasons you left:

What do you want from us as a faction:

Contact merry_muffin in game if you have any queries
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